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Education is very important for many aspects of human life and is the right of every human being. However, many obstacles still block it, one of it is the global economic crisis.

Education and Human Life

Education is a fundamental right of every human being. That is, every human being has the right to get education according to the needs and interests without having to be limited by gender, age, economic constraints, geographical and so on.

As a fundamental in human life, education is necessary for human life factors such as:
a. Mentally and psychology
Education will make someone healthy in mentally and psychologically because education in general will improve a person's self confidence. For example, people who learn about a certain skill carefully and seize control of the field will be confident with his ability, so they will find it useful in their lives because they have the skills.
b. In community
Good education will produce a more thoughtful people in thinking, acting and looking for a solution. It is very important in order to create a society that lives in peace and prosperity, because as a human being it is a natural thing if we meet the various conflicts in life due to different viewpoints, cultures and beliefs.
c. Economically
Education in general will prosper people economically. That is, the higher the level of formal education obtained, the higher the resale value in the field work, will also mean higher chances of achieving a good level of economic prosperity.

Speaking economically, unfortunately, even in the days that have been advanced as it is today, there are still many people who have not been able to taste the education with a variety of constraints. It's no secret that higher education is still relatively expensive everywhere by reason of the high cost that support to implementation of education such as: books, facilities and infrastructure, even the salaries of the teachers.

Various countries anticipate it by conducting cooperation with banks to made ​​a program named loan for education fee which the repayment could done by customers with installments as they are working later.

However, the current global economic crisis resulted the limited of jobs as a result of many companies are experiencing financial difficulties. Instead of hiring new employees, they had to reduced the employees that they have in order to save the company. If this is allowed to happen, what will happen to human life? It's like a domino effect related to one another and require serious attention from various parties.

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