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During the last year of my life, since I am now headed to my eightieth birthday, I have discovered that many people, young and old, do not know, nor were they taught, the values of healthy eating.

Eating Right To Live

Many of our eating habits, like throwing something together quickly, using too many different spices, not reading labels, too much salt and sodium, and things that have too many carbohydrates, sugars have definitely enriched the Pharmaceutical industries world wide and have put many of us in poor health.
I don't know if you have noticed how many new hospitals have been built in your city or area in the last ten years but many have added on many additional rooms to accommodate the constant increase of new patients as well as the old. If not take a quick check. Many are there because people have chosen to embrace improper diets that through the better years of their lives have later on in lives taken their toll healthwise.
Doctors, Nurses, P.A.'S may not agree on what diet is best for you in your health situation, but most of the Health Care professionals will tell you that the Lord God has provided without all of the pesticides and different manures are much better than the messed up foods that are tainted to produce more for monetary purposes.
Today in our American culture, we eat just about anything cooked, any old way as long as it suits our taste buds. Things that we call Exotic or even unwashed vegetables that we bring home that have been supposedly pre-washed and pre- mixed by the food producers.
Fresh produce that is picked straight from your garden and food that is truly organically grown is much better than any fake food that man has tampered with while it was growing. Even the meats that have been tampered with have many man made substances that are mixed with them for preservative purposes are not one hundred percent healthy for you.
I remember when we used to grow our foods in our gardens and parents would can our foods. We raised our meats such as chickens, cows and pigs on farms that were literally pesticide free.
I know those days are long gone but there are things that you and I can eat and do that will limit our trips to the Doctors, Hospitals, Hospices and Nursing Homes, Simply read the labels on our food products, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Limit to a great degree your fast foods and high carb drinks.
Most of us know that apples, plums, cherries, grapes, citrus fruits, beets, carrots and fresh greens, green beans, beans, potatoes, and tomatoes are good without a box of salt, a bottle of hot sauce, and a lot of spices that most of us know nothing about. We have a tendency to over alkalize out bodies with comfort foods like cheese, ham, eggs and sweet breads and potato salads.
One other thing, older people should drink plenty of fresh water and fluids that are low in sugars. Ice cream is good but try eating just a saucer every now and then. Not a whole box at two sittings.
Eat right, wash your vegetables yourself if you can. Buy Organic, fresh produce and watch your weight. You will be grateful to God in the long run that you did.


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My name is John Nurse. A College Graduate and a preacher of the Gospel. I live in Central Kentucky

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author avatar Ms. Ann
4th Apr 2012 (#)

this article came at a time I needed to hear it.

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author avatar johnbee
5th Apr 2012 (#)

Since I have been watching my diet and reading the labels on the boxes and can foods, I feel so much better and I am more active. Thank you for your comment.

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