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This is a brief discussion about dreams and their possible meanings.


Many have often wondered what dreams are and where they come from. They are some type of incredible hocus pocus that takes place while we are sleeping. It makes one ponder about what exactly is going on in the brain while you sleep and where dreams are derived from. In the subconscious part of the brain, reminiscences and things we often wish for are stored, and it is felt by many that dreams form as a result of this. Often times, it is felt that dreams have some sort of meaning they are trying to get across to you with all the symbolism having some specific significance. Scientists and psychologists alike are simply baffled by where dreams originate from with only theoretic prospects, and no real theories have been confirmed as of yet.

While asleep, we enter into a sleep stage known as REM sleep. The brain is very lively during this sleep stage, and this is the time when our dreams take place. Rapid eye movement or REM sleep can happen anywhere from three or four times per night. Dreams can bring about many different sensations and stirs up the emotions. It is amazing how different dreams can be from each other with some coming across as frightening or warning signs, and other dreams being very pleasing or exciting experiences.

Throughout the study of dreams, there have come to be many possible meanings put forth by several dream experts. For example, dreams that involve death or dying can be representative of feelings of resentment toward another. Dreams about dancing can indicate the coming of a new relationship. Then, we have those dreaded dreams known as nightmares. Nightmares may represent a number of different possibilities. They tend to differ so much from each individual that it is impossible to just put a single meaning to a nightmare. Most commonly, nightmares usually share worrisome or terrifying encounters of a very unpleasant nature.

There are free ebooks available on the internet that will go into more depth about dreams and their meanings. It is very fascinating to awaken with a fresh dream in your mind and then find out what it may mean for you. Some may find this to be kind of on the superstitious side, but it is still very intriguing. The study of dreaming still remains somewhat of a thrilling mystery and will most likely remain so for centuries to come.


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I dream all the time and remember each and every dream. I have been doing this since I was a child. Interesting read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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