Dont Lie to Your Kids!!! Part One "Such and Such" is going to get you!

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Tales of how lying to kids and really screw them up

Lying Is Bad

Hay Parents of the world and parents to be I have compiled a few common lies and some hilarious reasons why one should never use those lies for their kids. Further more I have out lined some of the remedies one should take to avoid lying. One of the major reasons though why you should not lie is this and its a quote so maybe write it down.
" children Always emulate the actions of their parents and loved ones". If you have ever wondered where your child learned to lie so convincingly saying "no mummy I did not have the chocolate ice cream" when their mouths are covered in chocolate ice cream.
Well they learned it from their parents to lie to them about the smallest of things. Mostly children know when they are being lied to but because they are designed to trust their parents they override their intuition and believe their parents who usually lie to them.
So here are some hilarious examples of lies to kids and how they can really screw up our next generation.

Story One

So often parents use fear to get their kids to do things simply because the parents usually don't know any better and society teaches the best way to stop a child from doing something is to tell the child that if they do something then something bad will happen or someone will get them. Now this may seem like an easy fix in parenting but it leads to long term phobias and paranoia amongst the human race.
I will use a good example. In kenya it is common practice to tell kids that if they do something naughty then a cat will bite them. Now this might seem fine and all but it has lead to an almost country wide fear of cats. Don't get me wrong people in kenya still have cats as pets but many people are simply terrified of cats. When I was in Kenya I picked up a cute kitten and stroked it and when my neighber saw me I said hi and walked towards them and they backed away. I thought this way weird and while still holding the cat I aproached this old lady and asked her how she was and she had the look of fear on her face. I was like "o...k this is weird" so I needed to know why she was scared so I followed and asked. But she ran and after asking why she was scared and long story short I ended up chasing this old lady around the block just to find out later she was scared of cats.

Story Two

I myself have experienced the same issues when I was young and doing naughty things my mum used to say "Karim Gee if you dont stop that the insect will come and get you!" and in our language doo-doo means insect so translated it meant she was telling me insects were going to get me. Which might sound funny at the time but it has given me phobia of bugs that I had almost all my life, I dont have a phobia now but the sight of bugs still irks me.
So remember "When is doubt Don't Lie to Kids!".

Story Three

But the last and most epic of my tales takes place when I met several people who had been told when they were younger "Kids if you dont behave Ali Babba Will come and beat you" and of course I knew the family well and I knew their seven children. So one day my uncle introduces me to a rather unique individual who just happened to be called Ali Babba and he was going to meet me near this familys home since Ali Babba lived nearby it was convenient for us to meet up there. So of course when I see the time and say "oh I have to go meet Ali Babba down the street" the kids all freak out thinking that some man would come and beat them to death. Then to make matters worse I was late and Ali Babba knew which house I was at and had come to the door and rang the door bell and when I said "oh thats Ali Babba at the door now" the kids truely freaked out. One fainted and one visibly wet themselves when I opened the door and let Ali Babba into the house. The look of fear and horror on the kids faces was well...lets say beyond horror.
Long story short it had turned out that Ali Babba was some villain in some 90's movie and the kids parants had used that name as a fear tactic to get their seven kids in line. So adults remember the golden rule "When is doubt Don't Lie to Kids!".

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