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The holiday season may be over. But charitable events managed to flourish at that time even if the gathered donations are not limited to cash. Knowing that charity doesn’t have to be synonymous with money, some companies focused on the giving part, not the fund-raising part.

How was this possible? Here are some concepts worth trying even if the holidays are over. Charity can be done all throughout the year anyway.

- A clothing drive by a laundromat company

While the running joke about lost clothes in a laundromat that end up in the flea market, a clothing drive spearheaded by a laundromat company would be a two-pronged publicity stunt. One, it will help gather winter clothes to be given to nursing homes that don’t have in-house heaters. Two, it would present the laundromat as a charitable company that chose to stage a clothing drive. The charitable stunt would be consistent to the image that the company is trying to project. At the same time, community mobilization automatically follows without having to oblige donors to donate cash. Instead, they would be donating their used winter clothes.

- Soup kitchens by anyone who could

Feeding programs for the poor easily attract anyone who can’t donate cash but can donate manual labor to serve the food. Soup kitchens though easily attract groups of people because instead of cooking at home the food you plan to distribute, you cook it onsite for everyone to see.

Some of the participants then agree what to donate - the big cooking pot, the portable but heavy-duty stove, the utensils and bowls and the ingredients. Perhaps if there would be funding, much of it would be diverted to the ingredients in participation of the beneficiary crowd to be fed. At a time when most evacuees can’t return yet to their homes, they stay at school or at a covered court. This is why some volunteers take the kitchen on the spot and cook the food right there and then. At least those who will eat are rest assured that the food cooked is fresh off the pot. Less spoils too as people would prefer their food smoking hot.

- Going local

In some situations, companies conduct surveys among their customers as to which charitable institutions deserve help from them. Let’s say that the company involved here is a bank, for example The customers need not donate anything. They are simply given a list of charitable institutions and tick the box beside the name of the charity that they would like the bank to donate into.

Charity begins at home so they say. In this manner, it actually helps that whatever progress occurs at the chosen charitable institution or endeavor, the customers who picked the beneficiaries get an idea about the charity they helped indirectly. If ever follow-up projects would be conceptualized from the surplus funds would mean more goodwill not only the part of the organizer but also on the customers’ part. It is basically a win-win situation.

Not all projects involved cash. If ever some funds were raised, sometimes it is more of an indirect approach just like the very last example mentioned in this list. Hopefully it would help you conceptualize your own charitable events as well.


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