Don't Worry About The Suit or Your Hair - Worry About The Wedding Speech!

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Advice on giving the dreaded wedding speech for a best man or father of the bride.


Whilst being asked to make some sort of speech at a wedding is always a personal honor it can also prove to be quite a nerve-racking experience. I have felt this way through personal experience and I will admit that the actual speech was a lot worse than I thought it would be. All the advice given to me referring to 'Dutch Courage' and calm nerves did not help me one bit.

I spent the morning being pampered by the groom's ( my best mate's ) mother as she seemed a lot more nervous than me. First of all I had my suit all wrong ( apparently! ) and then my whole hairstyle was re-arranged. I have to be honest I'm not one for hair wax hair styles and the whole make-over process so my nerves went through the roof. Once the hair, suit and shoes were up to standard it was down to remembering the whole reception process......

Father Of The Bride

With tradition the first speech at a wedding function is usually from the father of the bride. The obvious advice usually given here is to try to deliver a few embarrassing moments from the daughters past ( within reason of course! ). This will always tend to lighten the mood and get people laughing. The father's speech should also have a serious undertone when needed - try to throw in a few pearls of wisdom or advice to the couple but keep it as light as possible. The most important part of the speech will invariably be the last part, here would be the time to wish the couple every success in their marriage.

The Best Man

The best man's speech is a task I have experienced at first hand myself. There seems to be quite a lot of competition between friends when it comes to the role of best man. Inside you are overjoyed to have been selected but suddenly realise you will become a main focus of the wedding day and will eventually have to make the dreaded speech. Throw in the almighty hassle of arranging a 'stag' night and the panic really sets in.

Don't Panic

During the best man's speech the first bit of advice I would give is 'don't panic'. Take it from me, nobody wants to watch a best man sweating pints and mumbling through a speech held in shaking hands. First of all introduce yourself and center around compliments - the wedding service, the bride, the bridesmaids, the wonderful venue. It's important to remember not to plunge in head first and roast your best mate without complimenting him and his bride first. After the compliments and a light-hearted roasting make a big deal congratulating the happy couple. The final part of your speech should start with you reading the messages. Again, try to do this with a certain amount of humor if possible. Once this is dealt with it will lead you to a timely toast to the couple which you can incorporate into your big finish.

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