Don't Forget The Wedding Day Survival Kit!

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After months and months of the lovely couple planning the perfect wedding day; with all the effort put into ensuring, the big details are taken care of, it is often the little things that come up that can make or break the wedding of your dreams. Don't get caught by surprise, make a check list to ensure that you will be smooth sailing on the way to your happily ever after.

Preparing For The Big Day

As the big day approaches, anticipation, stress and a numerous amount of emotions are going to show up as the bride and groom, try to confirm all arrangements and make sure that everything is going to go as planned.

While you have prepared for the venue, flowers, dinner, reception, photographer, cake, transportation and many other details in between. Most often in the midst of ensuring all of the big ticket items are taken care of, many small just as important items are left out of the agenda.

These are usually the last minute emergency type items that can surely effect how smoothly your day goes. So after saving and spending several dollars, make sure that you are fully prepared for the MAIN EVENT

Every bride needs to create a WEDDING DAY SURVIVAL KIT. The Wedding Day Survival Kit is similar to a First Aid Kit, it will be there for emergency purposes. A list should be created weeks in advance of all of the things that will be needed for the bride on her wedding day. This is a great time for the Maid of Honor and or the Brides Maids to step up and give some assistance. The more people you have helping creating the list, the least likely you will be to forget anything. After the list is created, add the items to a bag that will be used solely for this purpose.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

The Survival Kit should be no more than what the name implies. This is a kit, filled with emergency items in the event that you will need them. They may not get used at all, but the are at your disposal if needed.

Your WEDDING SURVIVAL KIT should contain the following:

    * Toothpaste, floss, a toothbrush, and breath mints or spray to deal with bad breath or sticky food.

    * Scissors, needles, and thread for attire mishaps.

    * Pain relievers, antacid, smelling salts, and bandages for minor injuries or illnesses.

    * Hand lotion, hairspray, nail polish, deodorant, makeup, nail files, a comb and brush, compact mirror, and bobby pins to deal with beauty calamities of any type.

    * Wet wipes for a quick cleanup and instant stain remover for larger messes.

    * Safety pins are a lifesaver.Safety pins and straight pins to help with attire emergencies, affixing corsages and boutonnieres, and adjusting reception decorations.

    * Spare earring backs for quick jewelry fixes.

    * Different varieties of tape, super glue, and wire for emergency decoration repairs.

    * Feminine hygiene products for unexpected monthly emergencies.

    * A lint brush for quick attire touch-ups

    * Quick snacks such as hard candy, granola bars, or crackers to ease a queasy stomach and provide an essential energy boost.

    * Extra cell phone and camera batteries as well as camera memory cards so no moment is missed.

    * Phone numbers of all the bridal party members, parents, vendors, and venue locations in case of a communication breakdown.

    * Sufficient cash for quick phone calls, cab fare, or other unexpected expenses that can delay the day.

    * Personal identification and duplicate documents necessary for any security measures or verification.

    * Pen and paper for unexpected notes, lists, contact information, or other details.

    * Matches or a lighter to relight a unity candle or decorative candles at the ceremony or reception.

Having these items on hand on the wedding day will give you some extra added relief. These are only a guideline, you may wish to customize your survival kit to ft the needs of your specific event. Once the kit is assigned, be sure you nominate someone reliable to be in charge of making sure it goes to the event with you. Most venues, will have a special room for the bride and bridal party to keep their items at and freshen up when need they need to.

A survival kit is helpful for many other occasions as well!

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12th Dec 2010 (#)

pretty good suggestions.

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thanks Mark:)

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12th Dec 2010 (#)

As a bride once, I say darn good tips.
I will have to mark this page, as my daughter will be getting married in a year.
To a wonderful young man.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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Good article and suggestions

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