Domestic Violence and Abuse Covert

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In order to maintain the harmony atmosphere in a family, it is necessary that the entire members love, honor and cherish one another without feeling forced much less fear.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Covert

Family supposed to be a place of refuge and rest for the family members after undergoing their respective roles in life. As a place of shelter and rest, of course, we expect the atmosphere created is a safe atmosphere, serene, peaceful, harmonious environment and convenient for every member.
In order to maintain the harmony atmosphere in a family, it is necessary that the entire members love, honor and cherish one another without feeling forced much less fear.
But we often encounter a lot of family put the head of the family or whoever is the biggest earners as people feared. This is an unfavorable sign. Remember, fear will not cause any comfort to anyone.
Fear is different from respect but often become confused in its application in everyday life. Fear is generally appear because the figure of the dreaded hard and often behave rudely. What is meant here is not rude physically only, but also verbally.
If talking about abuse or domestic violence, more people are highlighting events in the form of physical violence experienced by women or children. Though in fact, domestic violence and abuse is broader than just physical violence.
Violence and abuse have many forms that sometimes we don't realize because it accustomed happen and seen as a normal thing. Some daily examples of violence and abuse in the family that veiled include:
1. Lack of freedom in determining the child's interest. Many children continue their higher education in the field that chosen by their parents, not by their own choice to please and appreciate their parents or to be able to continue to be funded.
2. There are many wives who actually have a lot of talent and smart but have no self confidence as they often told as stupid and not capable by her husband for the sake of the ego of the head of family.
3. There are plenty of husbands lazy to initiative help household work if the wives don't ask their help, because it is often not appreciated by their wives. Instead of thanked, even scolded because the result assessed as shoddy work by his wife.
We should be aware, violence and verbal abuse leave more deep scars on a person than physical violence. If we care about the happiness and survival of our family, let us strive to improve and introspection ourselves maybe we've done veiled domestic violence and abuse against our beloved family members.


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
20th Oct 2012 (#)

Abusiveness is always awful... all the worse for someone who feels somehow obliged to tolerate it... the people sometimes referred to as being "co-dependent."

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author avatar Krismawati
20th Oct 2012 (#)

Yeah. Its the same as kill someone's personality.

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