Domestic Violence against women :Need to say NO

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A lot of women suffer from domestic violence just because they are taught to suffer quietly.
What they worry about is their false position in their society.

Inside Story

Domestic violence is the biggest stigma to our society. It not only effects the sufferer but children also and thus a whole generation. It is said that the bearer is more sinful then severe. Is it true? Women of my country are not even free to complaint about the violence or abuse. Its very tough for them to say NO against oppression. And even some women justify the violence. The reason is they are taught to respect their husbands right from their childhood. They are taught to respect their husbands even if they insult or abuse them. Any woman who tries to complaint or demand justice can be simply excluded from the so called society. Even in our society husbands are taught to disrespect their wives. Now what if a woman complains? She will suffer a lot more......
This is India.

Reasons Behind

I always wonder about the reasons behind the domestic violence. Is it a man's inner frustration? Or they are afraid of cool behaviors of women? Or is their man ego? Or its just the way they are brought up. Very few male children are taught to respect their opposite sex equally.


What I believe is that firstly a woman should not underestimate herself. She is not only a member of family, she is the family. A person will never realize his mistake until and unless someone will make him realize. Yes, a woman has to do this job. If you cannot have your respect just snatch it. Nature has given you the power of endurance but excess of this thing is like insulting nature. You just need to say a drastic NO. And I promise you that it will work. When you will stand for yourself no one will dare to pull your legs.


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author avatar sakshi narang
26th Jun 2012 (#)

good one

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author avatar Retired
26th Jun 2012 (#)

I'm glad there's somebody else short tempered around
Why do they do it? Because they can.They have no concience,and they have too much to lose. If they didn't mistreat their wives, the wives may leave them, they may get a job, they may find a boyfriend, they may talk back to them,they may want them to help them with the housework,they may refuse them sex, they may have other interests other than them, they may have a life of their own. I am sorry about what is happening in India. I hope you are not living there now.

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author avatar sakshi narang
27th Jun 2012 (#)

Sometimes being short-tempered is good.
I think they do this because they are afraid and insecure. Sometimes they are even jealous of women because women poses cool attitude in life.

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author avatar Neha bhutani
28th Jun 2012 (#)

Very good step taken for women.actually everywhere they are suffering

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