Domestic Violence Affects Teens Too

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Domestic violence can affect teenagers as well. No one is immune regardless of their age.

Teen Dating Isn't What It Used to Be

Unfortunately domestic violence isn't limited to those of a certain age or income level. It can strike anyone, anywhere even your teen. There are some teens that will come to you immediately and others that will try to keep it from you because they are embarrassed. Whatever reason a teen may have they will attempt to hide the abuse they are suffering or committing in order to stay the way that everyone perceives them.

When teens run into trouble they want to think they can take care of themselves; after all they have been told repeatedly to act their age. How old is a 16 year old or a 15 year old supposed to act anyway? Think about it for a minute they may be growing but they are in no way prepared for the world yet.

You want your teen to be safe and have fun; danger is still present and it can even be in their relationships when they begin to date. You've had the dreaded sex talk and you think you've prepared them for what comes up when you date. Then domestic violence enters into the teen dating scene.

Teens will sometimes follow the same path that the parents have followed no matter how hard they fight to avoid it. Sometimes violence at home leads to violence by the teen that is entering the dating world; those that watched a parent is abused can become victims as well.

Teen dating and domestic violence start off slowly; verbal abuse can be the start in most cases. The person that is being abused by the one they are dating can be told they don't look right in a certain outfit or that they need to change some small thing about their overall appearance. These "suggestions" as they start out can escalate to orders of what to wear when and what never to wear.

Jealousy can enter into teen dating and lead to domestic violence. One teen will attempt to keep their partner isolated from friends and do everything possible to keep them out of reach for the opposite sex. Even an innocent conversation over homework or a class lecture can set them off. Public displays such as pulling them away from crowds or making a loud scene when they are seen talking to someone else are signs that something is wrong.

Constant arguing can go turn into a slap here and there. These slaps aren't to be ignored. They lead to more abuse such as punching, pinching and far worse. Teen dating and domestic violence is an issue that should not be shied away from when you begin to talk to your teen about dating. In a perfect world it would not happen but we live in this world and it does all too often; sometimes with drastic and tragic results.


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