Does Life Begins at Conception?

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Even as we tell this story those who would not have these truths told are hard at work trying to obfuscate its meaning but time and patience are on the side of the of those with honorable intentions.

Why I Believe That Life Begins at Conception

First of all let me unequivocally state, “I believe in a woman’s right to chose” but under the following circumstances. One, this right must be exercised within the first trimester, the sooner the better and for the following only. Although this first cases is capricious there are unique situations that may call for some flexibility.Two, again within the first trimester becuase special consideration needs to be given in order to cover victims of rape and incest. Finally, three but perhaps the most difficult because the first trimester rule may need to be overlooked. A woman has the right to chose in the event giving birth would result in her death.

Having said all that let me state emphatically. Life begins at conception. You say how do I know? The answer is not an easy one but I will do my best to meet some standard of proof. Let us start with terms both philosophical and scientific by saying with respect to the former it is a matter of faith and with respect to the later we can rely on some things observable. Since it takes the two together, the abstract and factual, the question then becomes does the observer know what to look for? In this case the inquisitive have an advantage. Curiosity is a gift, a gift from whom or from where is the question? Somewhere in the origin of the interrogative is the answer to our puzzle? Now even as significant as the answer the inherent question is why some receive the gift to this answer and others do not.

The response has its routes in what we will term “The Collective Theatre”. In so many ways it confronts the age old adage what is the meaning of life. To understand we have to surmount some common sense parapets. So for those who have ears, listen; for those who have eyes, take notice; and for those who have a voice, bare witness.

Yes for the perceptive doubters who know where this is headed, environment does play a significant role but its impact is less significant than you may think. The extent of environmental influence needs to be looked at in the context of initiation and the strength of the practitioners’ devotion during the time of conception. Non the less, the physical realities of how life develops environmentally within the womb by no means can it be overlooked.

Since our argument is about conception. Let’s not go any further. Even as we tell this story those who would not have these truths told are hard at work trying to obfuscate its meaning but time and patience are on the side of the of those with honorable intentions.

Which brings us to the concept of time, the forth dimension, the when; as in, when this gift is bestowed. What do we know about time? Time has value and time is variable. As in the case of most scientific measurements, variables for the sake of experimental argument can be manipulated. The controversy of time control or time travel is not the point of discussion but is tangential. So it is not at this point we seek to prove time can be controlled but to establish time can be manipulated or be made to work on our behalf or in our favor or most improtant the time at which life begins. In as much, understand you have some element of control over time. The question is how scientifically demonstrable are these claims.

This brings us to our second point, thought. Reflection when merged together with intentionality and physics become psychology on the social science level and on another level becomes quantum science. For the purpose of argument we are going to use what some have termed the most powerful primordial precognitive in the universe, love.

You may ask what, the significance of love and quantum science is? Quantum science has to do with power and energy at the subatomic or wave and particle level. Few would argue that thought is not energy and even fewer would argue that love does not have its routes in the hearts and minds of humankind. Therefore love, virtually being one of the most powerful thoughts processes one can purport by the same token love is energetic and as energy exist in a quantum framework.

Love is the greatest of intentions and as such bestows gifts upon the recipient of immeasurable toll. This act when impregnated in our purpose permeates through our trials and manifests themselves in very unique ways. For example, love at the moment of conception, its encoding is not without significance. To say anything to the contrary is the height of cynicism.

We need not go any further. This is for everybody but for the least it is for the faithful. Now it is left for us to tie our beliefs to a concept of timelessness. Time is not something to completely control. The effort to engage in such an undertaking is mind boggling. However, it can work in our favor. We know that time has some management elements. In as much there is a mechanism for encouraging placement and occurrence. Having spoken to love and its relation with thought at the moment of conception know it would seem prudent to pay some attention to thought and other actions and how they purport to impact time under the context of gift and or life giving.

Physics and religion when joined together some say become psychology on a social science level but on another level but understood to a lesser degree it becomes quantum science. So here is the spiel. There is a relationship with time which has to do with favorability when one gives a gift which manifest itself in the form of love time responds favorably in ways.

This is not so much direct control as so many would understand it but direct control only as the faithful understand it but from the standpoint of science it is no less observable. It is this propensity that allows for the use of a first approximation leading to things becoming measurable and quantifiable. All one need do is keep in mind the process life begins and ends with love and / or intentionality.


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