Does God Really Answer Prayers?

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Interesting thoughts and real life happenings are given here to help answer the question of whether God answers prayer. Gain some knowledge about answered prayer experiences.

Does God Really Answer Prayers?

Many people wonder whether there is a God who answers our prayers, and perhaps these thoughts and experiences will help answer that question. I have observed some strange things happen as a minister’s son. Being required to constantly run around like a church mouse and observe some interesting happenings gave me some insight into this prayer thing.

The Preacher Received Miracles

When I was about five years old my Dad left the church office not feeling well and his doctor gave him a shot of penicillin. An adverse reaction to this drug required an ambulance to rush him to the hospital. Upon arrival his heart stopped beating. Although he was legally dead for a short time, there were several people around him praying and he was revived. It seemed God pulled him from death because he had more service to do.

After this event, this minister blessed thousands of people with powerful sermons, visits to sick people in hospitals, and helped many folks in special ways. In his later years he took a job helping other ministers cope with problems, and showed them how to serve others in their churches better. I still cannot figure out how he lived so well on his salary, but he was blessed in many ways.

A Shocking Answer To Prayer

Because of seeing so many suffering people in hospitals, plus a desire to be an active minister during his life, my Dad had a request for his death. He said many times that he prayed when it was time for him to go that he would die quickly. In sermons and conversation, he talked about how we should live life to the fullest. Many times while discussing the shortness of life he would say “I could die of a heart attack anytime.”

My Dad’s last sermon was entitled “A step you cannot miss.” It was about death. In that message he gave a plan for living and the plan for salvation. How people will remember you was talked about. That was his last sermon. Five days later he died quickly of a heart attack. His prayer was answered that when it was time for him to go, there would be no long period of suffering and troubles for others to take care of him. His mission was complete.

Counting Answered Prayers

There have been many times when I know God has intervened in my life by answering prayers. Sometimes just having faith that you can accomplish something will bring about results. Other times no matter hard you try or believe the answer received is a great big no. You don’t have to be a minister or rocket scientist to pray. There are no credentials or intelligence required for prayer.

The best way to see if God answers prayer is to try it. If you wish to keep a log and count your prayers and answers that would be called a prayer list. Sometimes reading something like this article might help get you started to answer the question of whether God answers prayer. However, I suggest the best way to see if prayer works for you is to experiment with it. Perhaps it will not be long before you will start counting answers.


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author avatar snerfu
2nd Jul 2014 (#)

God always listens, Amen to that.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks Bill for a positive and uplifting post. Whenever we have good intentions in our thoughts and actions, what is there to fear is my motto. I have a general take in life to give me strength to face any eventuality - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Jul 2014 (#)

good piece Bill...

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author avatar Lee Hansen
3rd Aug 2014 (#)

I do believe in the power of prayer. I've seen too many ones answered in my life as well as others to know it is real.

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