Do care for your pet if you're to have one

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Having a pet is a big responsibility, but if one isn't sure of not being able to provide with what it needs, one should not have one.

Do care for your pet if you're to have one

I don't have a dog, although, I like them. Actually, a friend suggested me why I didn't get one. Nay, I replied. It was the least I needed at that time. I had just arrived from a long stay abroad. I have no job, but I had to try my search actively. My savings were not plentiful and they had to last me for a long time.
“It's all what I need right now, I replied, I've barely to provide for myself...”
Why do I say this? It's because and although I like dogs, I know it's a responsibility and one has to have means to have a pet.
I once had a cat and I know well what we had to do when we wanted to go on holidays, but we couldn't pay him a place to stay during our absence.
Cats are very independent pets and ours was used to go out through a small window to stroll about on the roofs, because we lived in a top flat. Quite often, he'd vanish for days to return weeks after. However, they have their basic needs and if one wants to travel, but one can't afford to pay for a place for the pet, it can't be a problem. Thus, when my mother and I went on a holiday, we had to set the house ready for him and for as long as we were to be away.
We left several small plates with food. Cats don't eat as much as dogs, but they still have to eat and ours was quite a sybarite one as he only liked fresh food and he strongly disliked tinned or packed stuff from the supermarket. It had to be chicken livers stirred fried lightly with some chopped parsley and garlic. His fresh anchovies had to be lightly off. Not rotten, but this small touch of rot.
We left as many bowls of water as we could all over the flat and the sink full of water just in case. They need to eat as everyone else, but water is the most important, because a cat or a dog can end up raging if they stay without drinking.
Cats are very clean and they don't need to be taken out to do their necessities, but their earth in a carton box must be spotless and changed daily. If a cat goes to its box, smells it and finds it stinks, they won't do it there, but they'll do it outside anywhere in the house.
Why do I say all this? It's because I've read that a dog was left locked up in a balcony without any food or water for several days under a burning sun, meanwhile, I guess, the owners had gone away. The dog went so mad that he decided to jump over the balcony. He struggled to jump over into the void, but fortunately, he was saved thanks to the fire fighters, the local police and some neighbours and because he fell on an awning that was in the patio. The dog has survived, but the local police has decided to put it in the care of pet association, waiting for someone with a better heart and consideration for pets.
It's what I say if one can't look after a dog or a cat, one shouldn't have one.

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