Do You Observe Manners in Your Relationship?

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These days people are more concerned with being politically correct and preserving the feelings of strangers than they are with showing simple consideration to the person who ought to be at the top of the list.

How Are Your Manners?

It seems that basic manners and consideration, respect and kindness is gone from modern relationships. I’m sure you’ve heard that familiarity breeds contempt. Unfortunately that is exactly how many modern relationships progress.

Can you remember when you and your “other half” first got together? Can you think back to those small considerations you made for each other? You were polite, you didn’t call each other names, you said please and thank you, and you always put the other person first. If the person you were falling in love with needed something you would move heaven and earth to provide it.

Where did Those Manners Go?

As you spent more and more time together, possibly even moving in together or getting married you achieved a level of comfort where manners and politeness weren’t required. The simple things that used to make you happy and thrilled to be with the person become actions that are expected. By not showing each other how much you appreciate the things that you each do, and by not showing manners, respect and affection you are allowing little things to slide under the rug as if they aren’t important.

Over time these little slights, the missing thank yous, the pleases, and the appreciation not voiced can build up and cause a serious problem in your relationship.Resentment may grow, communication may become tense and anger may override love.

How Do You Fix It?

It may seem odd to be told to go back to your courting manners when you have been with someone for several years. But that is what it takes to re-introduce appreciation, affection and politeness back into your relationship.

You know that you appreciate your partner, but how hard is it to tell them? Sure in your relationship it may be a given that she cooks and he takes out the trash, but how often does he say “Great dinner, thanks honey!” or how often does she simply walk up behind him while he is doing his many chores and touch his shoulder, or whisper a sweet thank you? Not very often. This is when it is important to start each day thinking about all the things your partner does that makes your life more complete.

Take the time to think about all your spouse does for you, whether is it killing the spiders you are afraid of or giving you a massage after a horrendous day at work, and thank them. Don’t take your partner for granted, because there are only so many days that you will have each other, and you don’t want to waste a minute of that causing them to feel unappreciated or unworthy of praise.

Seek to make each other happy and pay attention when something is bothering the other one. These are small steps that lead to a strong and happy marriage. To learn more about how to improve or maintain your relationship visit Marriage and More...

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author avatar Patrice Campbell
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Good reminders.

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author avatar Patrice Campbell
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Good reminders.

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