Do Black Men Lust for White Women

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Black men are seen with white women on their arms. It seems a one way traffic

Relationship between Blacks and whites

Recently on a visit to the USA I made a significant observation. Perhaps it is due to my background as an intelligence officer in the IAF and my power of observation. I saw that a fairly large number of white women are on the arms of colored or black men. I did not see the reverse i.e. of black women on the arms of white men. There may be a few but they are a miniscule minority. It made me think and I realized what I was seeing was a fact. It is a phenomenon hard to understand. Even Obama the President of the USA is an offspring of a white mother and black man. But he is not the only one and celebrities who are bi-racial other than President Obama are Alicia Keys, Derek Jeter, Halle Berry, Jason Kidd, Mariah Carey, Mario Van Peebles, Rick Fox or Vin Diesel—they all have black fathers and white mothers. There are exceptions, but the numbers with black mothers are very tiny.
Dr. Ward in the late fifties had started a club whose members had sex with coloreds and blacks. He called it unification of the races through sex. I really don't know whether he was right or wrong, but there is one way traffic of black men courting white women.
The situation doesn’t end here and a look at the tabloid scandals of murder and race the centre piece is always a white woman. Look at Kobe Bryant scandal, the Steve McNair death story, the OJ Simpson trial and I was left wondering that perhaps there is a catch to the entire equation. I have not read of a story or a sensational news item of a white guy and black girl.

Blacks Courting White Women

The fact is that the black men desire white women. Call it lusting for white women or anything else but the end result is the same. Have a look at the famous black sportsmen. Many of them have a white girl hanging on their sleeve. I don’t see the reverse of black girls on the arms of white men.
All that I write is racial, but can you sweep it under the carpet. I had an American Officer colleague who commanded black troops when I was undergoing the staff course. He made a telling observation ‘“Man! Blacks lust for white women. Even my black troops hunt for white dates.’
. There is something silly about all this. Yet large numbers of Blacks in America are converting to Islam. How does it gel with their desire for white women? The answers are too complicated. Perhaps the answer is simply a desire to eat the forbidden fruit? Centuries of racial subjugation in America created an aura around a white women and the Black after centuries is lusting for the white woman. Remember there was an artificial divide and white women were unattainable, as the Blacks were the slaves. That is now broken. perhaps that is the clue.


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author avatar ittech
14th Dec 2011 (#)

I like it!

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author avatar M G Singh
14th Dec 2011 (#)

Thank You ittech

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author avatar Denise O
14th Dec 2011 (#)

Madan, it also depends on where you visited in the USA. Where I live, we are a very diverse town but, that is not always the case in many parts of America. I know this is my ideal but, I hope that people pick whom they are attracted to for many reason, no matter if they have the same colour of skin or not. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar M G Singh
15th Dec 2011 (#)

thank you Denise for your comment

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author avatar Sheila Newton
16th Dec 2011 (#)

Yes - yet I'm white and I've always been attracted to black men. Strange eh? Though I married a white guy.

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author avatar Dee
21st Jul 2013 (#)

Perhaps it iz something as simple as that we r "better equipped"?

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