Do America's Children Read?

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This is a short page exploring some of the reasons why children do not read, and some ways to help them read. It kind of gives you an inside look at why children and teens are so reluctant to read.

Why do these Children not Read

AR or Accelerated Reader is some children's worst nightmares. I for one finally understand why. This article should give teachers and parents a peek into why their kids do not like to read.
Some Kids think that it is uncool to read, so they do not read. This "uncoolness" comes from other students ideas of what is cool. It is a type of peer pressure, and it is the worst kind because the kids are actually asking someone to do something they do not want to do anyway. Some kids know that they should be reading, but the don't want to go against their friends.

Some parents don't read. How can you ask your kids to do something that they have never seen you do. If you are a parent that does not read I am not saying you should drop everything and start; I am saying you need to explain to your kids why you do not read, or why they need to read. Some parents don't give their kids the right message about books in general. Does a sibling call them a nerd when they read? If so, you as a parent should realize that this is just another reason why their child is not reading.

Teachers often times gives students a certain number of points that the students must obtain. Usually the time limit is close to the end of the grading period. Most times the amount of points is really low and only requires the student to read one book, because the assignment is so easy it is usually for a large percentage of the student's grade. Even with this assignment being so important many students do not do it, and they hope they they can pass by doing other course work.

Reading is something that everyone needs to know how to do, and common sense tells us that the more often you do something the better you become at it. If you child has trouble reading or does not read you as a parent should explain to you child how reading will effect them for the rest of their lives. Show them that reading is not just "busy work" that it is necessary.



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