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The rate of divorce in our society is becoming quite alarming and very unfortunate. This portends danger signal to the institution of marriage.

The Alarming Divorce Rate

My bosom friend recently divorced his wife after twelve years of marriage with four lovely kids because of what he called irreconcilable differences. Just like that, a union that was celebrated, that brought much joy to love ones and friends alike, a union that promised so much came crashing down like a pack of cards.
It was a very painful and sad ending not only for the actors, but friends, relations and more especially the children who must now wake up to the reality of new strange era, living with the Dad, devoid of the love, care and attention that a mother provides. And they must learn at such tender ages to endure the trauma associated with a divorce.
At a point i did ask whether the divorce was not avoidable. What kind of differences grew so hard to put asunder what was ordained before man and God? Is marriage no more an institution where we share the good and the bad times together, sacrificing for one another in love? Was it suppose to be bed of roses, that will buckle at the slightest challenge of life? Why should adults subject children brought into this world to such emotional stress that will have a defining and negative impact as they grow into adults because of their selfish interest? Do we really gain the peace of mind we sought for, when cowardly we take the easy way out through divorce instead of the determination to stand and tackle whatever problem, for man was made equipped to deal with all challenges of life.
In any case, it seems to me that man is departing from the principle of universality to that of individuality. We now stress more on individual interest, our selfish interest rather than collective interest. This therefore, is a reflection of the fact that we have departed from the path of goodness, from the path of love, and the path of God. I believe fervently that, where the spirit of God dwells, there, love will be found, not strife, confusion and divorce which seems to suffocate man presently.
Finally, we need therefore to return to the path of God, for we can not stand on our own without him. We should always understand that no two individuals are the same. To succeed in any relationship, we need patience, tolerance, for it is only through the grace and love of God that we can overcome the challenges that must come not only in marriage, but in all aspects of life.


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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
Uranta Emmanuel is a social worker, a counselor, and presently works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja, Nigeria.

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author avatar vpaulose
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Timely display on family relationship. Thanks Uranta. I request your friendship.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks vpaulose. I appreciate your request and accept it with all humility.

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author avatar Retired
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

Well said...it is sad end marriages end...unfortunately for my marriage...it was beyond hope and I tried for 15 years to save it...

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

maqyck, yes, there are circumstances we can control, sorry though for your experience.

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author avatar aking1614
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

The problem that I am having is that I am the only one willing to acknowledge the problems and trying to do something about them. It can't work if only one of the partners is praying, sacrificing, compromising and working at it while the other insists on staying in denial because they are comfortable where they are and not willing to do the same.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

@ashan, please don't give up. what you have started is not for nothing. No genuine sacrifices are lost. That you have stayed all these years with him is a credit to you. Just give it a little push and that guy will crumble. There is nothing like the power of love and there is nothing that God can not do.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Feb 2012 (#)

A fervent call for reason, Uranta. Yes, what starts as love descends too soon into hate. The ultimate sufferers are the innocent young children - siva

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author avatar veroazama
27th Jun 2012 (#)

how are you today and how is life over there in your country?
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