Divorce- No more in America

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Divorce is out of fashion in America. After 3o years, It on an all time low i The reasons are many.

There are many good reasons for an all time low on divorce rates!

A separation or divorce is a thorny situation where a couple decides to end their relation legally or otherwise, and sets them free from every responsibilities for each other. The situation arises when every equation of life be it physical, mental, and emotional becomes unequal for both the partners. They think that its better to end the relationship rather than facing exasperating situation for long time.

There may be several possible reasons behind divorce, some good reasons like abuse by spouse, unfaithfulness, nonconforming, lack of physical pleasure, and lack of confidence between each other. There are some bad reasons also where greed or selfishness of any of the partner comes between the relation, these bad reasons can be an extramarital affair, feeling of annoyance or boredom with spouse, unhappiness with the way your relation is going due to some professional, personal or financial reasons, or problem with in-laws or other relatives.America is now going through a period of optimists. Its like the Americans are suddenly looking at their friends. Also looking at the celebrities or politicians getting divorced or separated. “Its like reading a Stephen King novel ” says Nora Roberts, herself a celebrated author – ” Man, at least I am not getting eaten by a monster, sure it would be great to be beautiful, healthy and own a great mansion, and also knowing that my partner is still my partner, even if he’s driving me crazy right at this moment” Americans seem to be talking more about divorce- while divorcing less. Lot of movies on the after effect of Divorce, talk shows, health related stories on How the divorce makes a man unhealthy are taking the steam out of the people in some emotional way. Movies like Mad men, Eat,pray and love have a larger role to play. So far the first time we seem to have a cure. People have learnt very bitter lessons from others unhappiness in marriages. Stay Married at any cost. That seems to be a new mantra in America for the wedded couples.
This winter my wife and I are going to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. Though the seventh anniversary was earlier famous for one thing; the urge to cheat. but not anymore. its celebration time with your partner. Suddenly you feel powerful. There is now a new energy. so you can add ” Its now a culture of optimists” I am only echoing Ms Nora Roberts theory.


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