Divine purpose in barrenness

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sometimes God closed our womb for a divine purpose.In Bible we can see lot of barren women.Each of these sons played a vital role in the history of the nation of Israel

Divine purpose in barrenness

I want to encourage those women whose childbearing is postponed by God. I got married in 2007. I conceived 3 times but unfortunately I didn’t get my baby. I know the pain & eagerness for a baby. I’m a mother so I know the pain of lose. After my baby passed away, I was grieved so much that it was hard for me to overcome. I thank God for my husband who helped me to recover. I would like to share what God taught me. We know that childless women were considered as a failure. She can't go for any occasion. People think she is a cursed. I had bad experiences in my life. I know so many women facing lot of pain and insult in society. If God gave you a child, it’s good. But don't use it as a weapon to hurt other women. We should comfort and encourage them. In the Bible we can see lot of barren women. When I studied, God revealed good news - their children become great men in the Bible

1. Isaac - Sarah (Gen 21:1)
The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did for her as he had promised.It may take 25yrs for this promise to come to pass but the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised. He is always on time. If God gave you a promise, hold onto it. He will fulfill the promise.

2. Jacob-Rebekah (Gen 25:21)
And Isaac intreated the LORD for his wife, because she was barren: and the LORD was intreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived.After 20yrs of marriage, Rebecca failed to become pregnant. He didn’t think of another choice instead of her. He brought his request before God. Rebecca conceived and delivered twins, who became two great nations. Dear husbands, you should pray for your wife like Isaac did.

3. Reuben-Leah(Gen29:31-32)
And when the Lord saw that LEAH was hated, he opened her womb. God noticed what she lacked. Leah Got a man who didn’t choose her, love her and want her. God cause our pain to give birth to His divine plan.We might not man's first choice but God looked inside a women’s broken heart. God choose to exalt what men have rejected. From her came the 12 tribes of Israel.

4. Joseph -Rachel(Gen 30:22)
God remembered Rachel and God hearkened to her and opened her womb. Joseph was the ruler over all the land of Egypt.

5. Samson - Manoah(Judges 13:3)
She prayed to God and he permitted her to have a son who was one of the physically strongest of all of the judges in that period of Israelite history.

6. Samuel-Hannah(1sam1:20)
so in the course of time Hannah conceived and gave birth to a son. Samuel was a great priest in Israel.

7. John-Elizabeth(Luke 1:24)
Jesus called him the greatest man born of woman,

When God closes a womb and then opens it, there is a profound reason for doing that. Each of these sons played a vital role in the history of the nation of Israel. Husbands, be with your wife. Every night lay your hands upon her and pray. I want to encourage my sisters in Christ; you are going to give birth to a baby with a purpose. Stop your cries and worries.Thank God for choosing you. He will remember you and he will open your womb fora divine purpose. Pray and prepare yourself for God’s time. Bless you in Jesus Name.


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author avatar Susan Finny
I am a believer and I trust God with my life.I Been through both good and bad days and events and its made me grow in Christ.i am writting to encourage womens and families.

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author avatar Retired
4th Dec 2014 (#)

I'm sorry to hear about your own personal loss. It's interesting though to read about the stories in the Bible though.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
4th Dec 2014 (#)

Some people find they have love to share by adopting a child and consider it God's way of telling them to do this, thus saving the world from being overpopulated perhaps.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Dec 2014 (#)

We should embrace the oneness of creation to overcome such deep personal loss. There are many babies waiting to be adopted, thirsting for mother's love. In fact, I have experienced they are equally or even more loving than those born to us - siva

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