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Distance learning is commendable. It has a flexible study program to suit you. You could have the choice to study and to progress at your own speed to suit your circumstances.

Distance Learning and its benefits

The home study program also known as distance learning is best for people who have no time to attend school and who are busy working like me - who at that time was working with the company Kawasaki Helicopter (S.A.) Ltd., Saudi Arabia as an account analyst. I am a product of a home study program. I started my creative writing course with The Writers Bureau in Manchester, London in 1999 by mail. Now it is already available online.

The four excellent guarantees

During the course, I had enjoyed the training and I found it that it's a first-class comprehensive course written by successful professional writers. I had enjoyed the caring, constructive help from my expert tutors who're all published writers. I was attracted to the four excellent guarantees to safeguard my interests such as:

  • A full refund of my tuition fees if I had not earned by the time I had finished the course
  • I had the course on 15 days inspection and evaluation
  • There's refund of 5 sterling pounds for each assignment not properly corrected
  • And if my English was found not good enough for the course, the Writers Bureau will refund the money I had paid in full

Flexible study program

The course has a flexible study program to suit me. There were twenty individual writing assignments for my practice and guidance. With most of my assignments I will be writing materials which can be submitted for publication. There're specialists who helped me and guided me on how to sell my writing. The best was that I studied the course anywhere in the world where there's a postal service as all study materials, returned and corrected assignments and etc. were sent off to me by air.

The tuition fees are paid by installments

I had the choice to pay my tuitions by installments. I could have the choice to study and to progress at my own speed to suit my circumstances. During the course I was given six specialist handbooks and an 80 minute cassette tape. And after finishing the course a certificate of competence was awarded to me. For the whole course, I spent at least 680 sterling pounds - this includes expenses for postal services when sending off my assignments back to the Bureau for corrections plus other miscellaneous expenses. The course was actually designed for two years though I finished it for only one year.

30 modules with 20 assignments

The whole course was divided into two parts: Writing non-fiction and Writing fiction. During the course I received 30 modules with twenty assignments. Fifteen of the course modules were for non-fiction writing and the other fifteen for fiction writing.

Following is the layout of the course to show to everyone that the said home study program I ventured in 1999 with the Writers Bureau was real and very effective teaching method that I enjoyed away from school through a self-study at home but without intending to promote the institution. I only included the titles of the modules without highlighting them.

The thirty modules I used during the course

Below are the 30 modules I received for non-fiction and fiction writing, namely:

  • A welcome introduction to the Writers Bureau
  • Truth for all writers - making a writer out of you
  • Basics right to developing your writing style
  • How to develop your writer's craft
  • How to sell your writing
  • Presenting your work
  • Essential legal aspects
  • Reader's letters and fillers
  • How to write articles for women's magazines
  • Writing articles of general interest
  • Travel writing
  • Writing for trade and technical publications
  • Writing non-fiction for children and teenagers
  • Writing humorous articles
  • Religious and inspirational writing
  • On the editors desk
  • Journalism and reporting
  • Planning and preparation of non-fiction books
  • How to write biographies and autobiographies
  • How to plot
  • Creating realistic characters
  • How to write good dialogue
  • Setting the scene - atmosphere
  • Writing specialist fiction
  • Writing the short story
  • Writing for radio
  • How to write radio talks
  • Writing radio drama including cassette tape
  • Writing for TV
  • and Writing for the stage

The above list of modules serve as my references and as well as guidance for my online writing hobby.

Additional six bonuses of handbooks

Aside from the 30 modules I received from the course needed for my practice and guidance, The Writers Bureau has also provided me six bonuses of handbooks written by remarkable authors. These handbooks are totally helpful with those 30 modules which until now I am using them as my references for my blog and blogging hobby online. Below are the six bonuses handbooks which I thought available at some book stores around the world and maybe available also at Amazon and other online book stores.

Additional treasures of handbooks

  • On Writing a Novel by Eva Hanagan - here Mrs. Hanagan gives me an overview of writing a novel in addition to her specific advice in modules 20 to 23. Here is guidance which is I thought also is invaluable to any fiction writer, including my approach, attitude and all the little do's and don'ts required for success.

  • Writing the Category Romance by Rowan Edwards - this is about writing romantic fiction requires its own particular approach. This handbook covers the subject in depth and is I thought a must for anybody who wishes to write for this category and type.

  • How to Write Your Text Book by Gordon Pemberton - this handbook gives me a real insight into the whole field of how to write a non-fiction book. Not only does his mastery of his subject shine through but his style and clarity of expression are excellent examples and I thought this is also for any writer to follow.

  • Information Research by Ann Hoffmann - she is considered as the leading authority on research for authors - she is also an author herself. The knowledge and information she gives to me is essential and I thought this is also good for any writer - no matter what type of writing he does.

  • Writing Series and Sitcoms by Lawrence Grey and Allan Sutherland - This handbook carries on from module 29. Here two very experienced writers go into the detail of writing series and sitcoms. This handbook is also a must for anyone wishing to write for these particular aspects of Television.

  • Punctuation and Spelling by Diana Nadin - this is a guide and reference for those who have ever had doubts about their ability to spell and punctuate correctly. This is an excellent reference book to help me and others.

The principal and the director of studies

The two very important people I knew at the Writers Bureau - who actually have encouraged me to pursue my tutorial course are no other than Mr. E.H. Metcalfe, the principal and Mrs. Diana Nadin, the Director of Studies.

Mr. Metcalfe has worked in home-study training and distance learning since 1962 and this has involved him a substantial amount of technical and non-fiction writing. His experience with many thousands of students has convinced me that to achieve success with a home-study course I would need these three things, namely:

  • a comprehensive, thorough, high quality course
  • caring, conscientious tutors
  • and regular application from myself

Mr. Metcalfe has gathered around me a first-class team of writers and tutors to provide me the first two. And for the third, he encouraged me to take full advantage of the very personal tuition service and teaching that the institution offers to me.

Competent and conscientious tutors needed

Mrs. Diana Nadin was an honors degree graduate in English from Nottingham University and she has worked in home-study tuition since 1978. Her experience has given her a deep insight into student needs and how to help student progress with his studies. She said, "It is particularly important that a student has competent, conscientious tutors throughout his course."

Here Mrs. Diana is at her best. She takes particular care to select just the right tutors to help the students. Thus anyone can rely on Mrs. Diana and her tutors - to give him the sort of caring tuition service that can make all the difference between failure and success.

The benefits from the tutorial course

After the course, my communication has improved. Yes. I admit that English is not my language and during the course by tutor advised me to write articles in my own language, an example is the above photo of the poem I wrote in Filipino language. Now then, I applied what I learned from this tutorial course. I started sending off letters to editors and other articles to print media and to online digital media. I started creating my blog sites for my blogging hobby online and now I am enjoying writing also for some of the sharing revenue sites available online like HubPages, Triond, Wikinut, Allvoices, Bukisa, RedGage, Squidoo and Expertscolumn. So far, I am earning from this hobby. Thanks to Writers Bureau - through the distance education, I hit my dream!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Jun 2014 (#)

a most beneficial page this...thank you...

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author avatar ppruel
19th Jun 2014 (#)

Welcome Ms. CnWriter. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. On this article I shared the best I thought about the distance learning based from my experience and the results after the short course. See you around.

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author avatar ppruel
19th Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you Sir Peter for the advice.Actually I re-edited this article for many times before I finalized it - to get the right code formating. Howdy?

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author avatar pohtiongho
20th Jun 2014 (#)

ppruel: thanks for the info; indeed you are dealing with a group of honest people; please tell us when you have recovered the cost

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
24th Jun 2014 (#)

I think your English is pretty good for a non-native. And I know it is really hard to write and then translate -- so I am pleased you are doing so well.

I am also interested in knowing you are making more money as a result of this course. I hope you are -- keep us posted.

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author avatar pohtiongho
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Phyl: Thanks for the compliment. I must tell you one thing. If you wish to get to the top, it is most likely you will not get much money by writing because by the time people appreciate your works, you are most likely already in heaven. This rule applies to me too.

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author avatar LOVERME
28th Aug 2014 (#)

glad u r still around..How is Mrs Palmer now??

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