Discovering An Affair..Part One...The Discovery.

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One women discovers her husband has been having an affair..

No Clue!

We were "rock solid". We had dated for several years, had a trial of living together then finally sold our respective homes and purchased a large detached house in West Sussex.
We had a nice lifestyle. Reasonable jobs, cars, a holiday home and no mortgage. So,why?

It was a Sunday morning and he was going out for the day. I had already been up,made tea, packed him sandwiches. I picked up his phone to put it on charge..and there it was. A text message. A pretty graphic one,which I will not reproduce here ..and my world imploded!

He came in to the room,all smiles,looking forward to his day out. Whether he was really meeting her that day,I will never know. I held out the phone and saw the look of horror on his face as his world too caved in. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife.

"Ok" he said,finally "I have been having a affair....but not in the way you think"

I wonder how many men,and women come to that,have uttered that phrase. I was in tears by this point.

"I want a divorce! " I screamed ..and had I had anywhere to go I would have been out of that house as fast as I could have run. Sadly however, I have no close friends or family so that was not an option.

"Get out" I shouted..and he went, quite possibly fearing for his life at that point. Where he went,I will never know. I do know I spent the day considering suicide, murder, checking in to a hotel,smashing the house up and in the end fell in to bed exhausted and no further forward.

The Days Following.

He had slunk back in to the house mid evening,but I was in bed by then. He slept downstairs and in the morning I ignored him. First time ever he had no morning tea. He attempted conversation and I finally asked the usual questions..who is she ,where did you meet?

He gave me answers,which much later turned out to be another pack of lies.

"Honestly" he said "She only sent those messages because she was drunk .We are little more than good friends...a lot of people send those kind of messages"

Really? Then why did he say he was having an affair?

The reality of divorce had begun to sink in by this time however. Splitting a house,even a large one with no mortgage was going to leave us both in a one bedroom flat. What would happen to our six cats? Neither of us had much in the way of family, he was my whole world.

So,after soul searching,we carried on...which turned out to be the wrong decision . Read part two of this to hear what happened next.


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Happy go lucky lady,cat lover and life lover living in West Sussex having been uprooted from London.
My stories are about laughing, living and loving in a semi derelict haunted house with six cats

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