Diligent Drinking Milk Consumption for Getting Twins

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However, as we know, there are no good prices. Well, IVF and artificial insemination requires a lot of money. Then, what if you want twins, but limited funds?

Twins are Cute

Having twins are cute, no wonder many couples who are willing to pour some money doing artificial insemination and IVF. Therefore, these two methods is fairly potentially create double fertilization.

However, as we know, there are no good prices. Well, IVF and artificial insemination requires a lot of money. Then, what if you want twins, but limited funds? Consider some the natural foundation to get twins following:

Height and Weight Factors

Double fertilization often occurs in women with body fat, rather than skinny women. This is because women with excess body weight are considered to have adequate nutrition and good. In addition, women with a high body also allegedly more potentially give birth to twins.

Dietary Factors

Diligently consume milk products womb high, five times medically believed to increase the chances of twins. The study also said that vegetarian women have little opportunity to give birth to twins.

The researchers believe that milk can increase the amount of hormones that allow for double fertilization.

The Age Factor

Couples who marry in their 30s and over have a greater opportunity to get twins. Therefore, a woman aged 35 has a tendency to produce more than one egg during ovulation. Thus, the sperm had a chance to do the double fertilization. Therefore, if you want to give birth to twins, you can delay pregnancy until the age of 35 years of age or more.

Genetic Factors

If in your family there are a lot of twins, this means your chances of twins is very large. Some researchers said that the occurrence of double fertilization in the uterus is strongly influenced by genetic factors. Therefore, the reproductive system in every human body is strongly influenced by the distribution of DNA in the ovaries and sperm.

Ethnic Factors

Asian women have a small chance to give birth to twins compared with African women.

Terms Childbirth In Water

One of the goodness of giving birth in water is relaxing effects of water that can help relieve the stress of labor due to the gradual contraction of the present and create pain in pregnant women. However, the process of giving birth in the water, not all pregnant women is safe to do so. Because, you have to complete four criteria quoted by Tabloid Nikita :

1. Baby is not breech or other abnormal position in the womb.

2. Infectious diseases such as herpes should not be possessed by the pregnant woman.

3. Normal amniotic water. You need to know that the water signifies the thick membranes green baby in stress conditions.

4. Not having placenta previa (abnormal placental location). Giving birth by caesarean section should be done for pregnant women who had placental abnormalities


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