Dialing 911 saved the life of my son

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a mother's instinct prompts her to leave the movie house and saves the life of her son

Unexpected viral infection

When my son was eighteen months old, I was seven months pregnant with my second child, and his father and I were in Toronto visiting his mother. We lived in Windsor at the time, near the Detroit border, and my mother-in-law lived in Toronto. As my husband’s uncle and his wife were also visiting from Pennsylvania at the same time, it was a special weekend for all of us. That night someone suggested that we go and see the Poseidon Adventure movie at the local theatre. We were all feeling good and decided to go. I will never forget that night.

Trusting your instincts

We were in the theatre watching the movie when I started to become restless. My restlessness turned to fear and I told my husband that I wanted to return to his mother’s apartment. He and his uncle kept asking me what was the matter, but I did not know what was chasing me back to the apartment. I spoiled everyone’s evening when I got up and insisted on being taken home. They obliged. As we were all crowded in at his mother’s apartment, I was given the couch to sleep on, with my toddler sleeping directly beneath me on a blanket on the floor. We were all tired, and settled down to sleep. My head had hardly touched the pillow when I heard my son make a sound. I listened. He made the sound again, and I picked him up and switched on the light. He was choking and turning
blue. I immediately woke his father. I don’t know where the strength came from, but I had him in my arms and dialed 911. I uttered only one sentence: “My son stopped breathing!” My voice was calm and controlled, but I was taut and tense with fear. I knew I could not waste a moment’s time.

A mother's sixth sense

Within three or four minutes the fire brigade arrived with their bags flying open, reaching for the oxygen equipment and immediately took my son. My husband’s uncle was in a steaming bathroom holding him, hoping the steam would open the congestion in his chest. The police arrived at the same time. My son was rushed to a children’s hospital where he was immediately treated and cared for. He stayed in the hospital for four days. The doctors said that he had had a triachitis attack, some kind of viral infection which happened mostly to boys of the same age. Four days later he was released from hospital and came home. When I think back to that night, I can’t think fondly enough of those complete strangers who saved my son’s life. God was with us as he always had been only we were too busy with our lives to notice it. Things could easily have gone the other way. I could have stayed in the theater and not been there. I could have arrived late. I could have lost my boy. Dialing 911 had saved my son’s life.



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author avatar Han Van Meegerin
8th Mar 2012 (#)

Glad you had your sixth sense.

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8th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks...but I am so confused now with all these articles I am writiing, I don't know where to start. I just joined HubPages yesterday and wrote 5 hubs for them. I don't kknow where to check if there is any action on those articles. Do you write for HubP?

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Thank you. And Johnny D, I have so many questions but I sometimes cannot get the answers. May I ask you one?
Do you know where to find Hubpages earnings? You find it, but when you look at the numbers you don't know if it's money or page views.
And I don't understand backlinks. Can you point me to a site or tutorial? Thanks

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