Designing a Modern Bachelor Pad for the Modern Man

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Bachelor pads are usually considered a place devoid of style, taste and furniture, but is it time for these stereotypes to die out? I examine how the modern man can defy expectations and design a stylish and comfortable bachelor pad to suit a single man’s lifestyle.

A Man’s Needs

When you’re thinking about creating your perfect bachelor pad first consider your needs. How do you use your living space? I have always believed that the amount of money you spend on something should reflect the amount of time or value you place on it. For example, if you really enjoy watching movies or playing video games and that’s what you spend most of your time doing when you’re at home, then it makes sense that you buy yourself a nice big HD TV, Blu Ray player or the latest games console. Of course not every bachelor will be able to afford the very best equipment but I’m talking about a proportionate spend which affords you the best version within your means.

Old Stereotypes Die Hard

Let’s face it, there’s a whole bunch of stereotypes that pop into people’s minds when the term bachelor pad is mentioned: Leather, exposed brick, huge TV and a lack of thought about style and design. But the modern bachelor has evolved to value style and design in a number of different areas in life, so our homes have naturally evolved in the same direction.

Let me first say that not all of the design features in the aforementioned list are a bad thing! I think there is a time and place for many of the typical bachelor pad designs and you should design a home where you feel comfortable.

Colour Palette

The first step in designing your perfect bachelor pad should logically be choosing a color palette and/or theme. I prefer a neutral color palette as it doesn’t go out of fashion as quickly and is restful and relaxing. When it comes to wall color, most men, like myself, prefer a nice clean coat of paint over a patterned wallpaper. Choosing a neutral color will give you more options for furnishing your place so don’t make any rash decisions on color. Again, if you’re not that confident with interior design, you can rarely go wrong with a neutral color on the walls. I recommend an off-white egg shell color as this is less clinical than a plain, stark white but still gives a fresh airy look.

Carpet or Wood?

You may like carpet, you may like wood or laminate flooring, but I am writing this article for bachelors and my advice to bachelors is to choose a wood or laminate flooring. Wood or laminate flooring is much easier to clean and less time consuming, it is also modern and stylish whether you choose a dark wood or a light color. If you are a fan of carpet why not try a compromise of wood flooring with a large rug. There are so many stylish rugs on the marketplace you can find one to suit your home no matter what style you’ve gone with.

Furnishing Your Bachelor Pad

This is where you really get to express your taste. As a single man you are likely to have a bit of disposable income and with no other commitments why shouldn’t you be able to furnish your place exactly as you want it. In my opinion, the two best places to indulge yourself when furnishing your home (excluding gadgets) are your bed and sofa. This is where you will spend most of your time at home and the sofa is especially important as this is where you will probably have friends and guests. Whilst I can’t begin to tell you what is the best bed for you (bigger is always better in my opinion!) I can give a little advice on sofas…

Britain is known worldwide for its quality craftsmanship so if you live in the UK what better excuse do you need to buy furniture made in Britain? Look at a quality sofa as an investment which will stay with you for years (think about how long you’ve had your current sofa), depending on your lifestyle you might want to invest in a made-to-measure or bespoke sofa, either way you will likely want a sofa which can stay with you even when you are no longer a bachelor. So if you are looking at luxury sofas, think about the long-term wear and tear that it will endure when choosing a fabric and color.


Art is a bachelor’s playground. With no-one else to please you can choose what art you want entirely objectively. This doesn’t have to be expensive, there is a huge selection of prints which you can choose from that are much less expensive than original art and still create the ‘wow factor’. If you’re not into art why not frame some old vinyl that represents your music taste? Or get a vintage movie poster or pop art poster? Whatever your taste, try not to overlook this area of design when furnishing your home as it can really impress your guests and make the place feel like home.

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading, I hope this article helps you decorate your bachelor pad. Check out some of my other articles on Wikinut such as Getting Your Man The Right Christmas Gadget and follow me on Twitter too.

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