Delusions on life

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losing connection with reality and relationships, not knowing what path to take next

delusions on life

As my life begins to crumble, I slowly mumble to myself
What will it take for me to be humbled? man I needa save myself
I can feel the pain in the air, and I can see the twisted path
Man this shit isn't far, but that's life, I gotta accept the fact
I gotta take the goods and bads and just accept em
I gotta admire the good times I've had and try my best to protect em
Life will go on, but it's my choice to move along with it
The pain will push on, but its time I make it different
Its time for me to do what's right
and stay strong in the fight
looking deep into the muck, and finding a sole inspiration
Learning how I became stuck and spreading my word across the nation
From one tear to another I have learned to push it away
From abuse to losing people I am finding it hard to stay afloat
But Im going to through my head all the thoughts I have
Im ignoring the demons that I've fed, cause im lost on the path

What will it take for me to become the person I wish to be?
what will it take to see the light that's right in front of me?
If only I knew what it would take to change the ways things are for me
If only I didn't go through all this pain
But shit, this is reality
I cant change the past I can always change the future
Life goes on by fast so make the best of it , hell yea
I know that this is hard to swallow
but this is my only medicine
I know that more pain will follow but then it will start to lessen
see man you can look at any situation more then one way
and you can take what is given to you or push it away
If I've learned anything its that making the best of it is what counts
and if I had one word of advice its to never spare an ounce
after being lost and having to find my way again, Im starting to realize that soon this will come to an end
If I don't pursue my happiness and the path to shape my life
sooner or later Imma be wishing I would of taken that knife

You know how it goes, there was dark before there was light
Its rough how the river flows, like shit man, nothing goes right
All I hear is it'll get better, I promise, you wait and see
But shit keeps getting worse, what the fuck you telling me?
why haven't I seen light? why haven't I found my purpose?
why is it so hard in life? why don't I even feel worth it?
what makes you say It'll get better? I haven't seen anything happen yet
when it rains I always get wetter, man this shit is worser yet
where are the answers to my problems? why aren't they in front of me?
I've tried so hard to solve em, but shit id still flyin towards me
I want to understand but I just cant get ahold of it
I wanna be a stronger person but its getting harder to see the soul of it
the road is getting rougher, where do I run now?
my soul is getting tougher, but please show me how
please take my hand, please be the one to guide me
please make me a better person, and please stay right beside me
I cant take the pain man its making it harder to do it
im trying to stay sane man, just trying not to lose it


Journey, Life Lesson, Sadness

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author avatar carly135
I started writting when i was a kid, im now almost 23.Any advice to be better would be bentifical.

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