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A Few important things about being a teenage girl and where your heart should be.

Sharing What I Learned.

As humans we were created to love and worship something or someone we admire. And from that admiration we are satisfied and fill completion. What was made actually to be in that void was our love for God and His love towards us. but unfortunately that is not the case for alot of us. And in my case, what I filled my void with was by pleasing others and relationships (in terms of boyfriends). Now don’t get me mistaken I am loved at home ..I’m not big on attention but I still receive it often but I needed a “admiration” that filled my void.. I’ve placed before me caring to see others happy rather having myself happy. times after time it is not wrong to do that but it came to points we’re I made myself low to lift others in exaltation and deep down inside I was dying in pain.. And I wouldn’t be dying because I wanted attention I was dying because I knew that I was capable of speaking up and standing up but I was just too afraid to. People took advantage of it and made jokes about it knowing that my submissism or whatever it was, was out of line. But Praise God i am still in the process learning how to be bold when necessary. it’s an amazing feeling because your standards that you have thought of actually alive!!
As for relationship, I enjoyed being in someone arms and cared for. I wasn’t seeking God to fill in my void so I seeker boys. Each relationship started the same and ending the same way, a complete failure. I dated guys below my standards and even lied to them (by saying I love you) seeking for their love and heart just for the fulfillment of my void. How selfish. And I believe now the relationships that lasted the longest were the ones who were searching for a fulfillment as well too. I look back today and think that the parties I’ve been with and I myself were just lonely and used this relationship for our personal needs when in reality I learned that ONLY God knows the best puzzle piece for everyone.


But i realized i had an issue. After each breakup I seemed another relationship trying to hide my hurts in the midst of the so called love. relationship after relationship I did not take the time to heal and get over what was already alot. I was younger than the age I am now.. hmm so much a youngin can handle. By my 7th relationship (which was my last), I realized I had ALOT to work on and I had to get started quickly before my pain got attached to my character. As a result of the relationships, I have the biggest fear issue. I struggle with trusting people and having a proper relationships with them. But I know that my God did not give me the spirit of fear And that He has given me love and liberty. I also fear getting married at times because I’ve only heard so much about good relationships yet only encounter painful breakups. This blog is not to complain. I don’t complain because I’ve made these choices and they have build me to be a great person rather than a nasty person I could of been right?…

What About you?

This message is to anyone who has a void in their life and they are filling it with anything but God.if that is you…it’s a waste of time. I practically did it for about 10 yrs of my life…without God anything else is painful to endure. Nothing is done and if it is done, it does not last. Wait your time and be patient. Today (07-17-10) Dr. Seanna-Kay Denham preached about being patient and a righteous child of God. And that if we stand on with confidence for God that our promise will be granted to us better than we thought it would of or could of been. txt *Hebrews 11:35-39* Even if you are not Christian God still consider you His child so you are still considered royal. I pray you learn to fill God’s love into your void that you may live in full freedom and not half in chains. Being chain down is the worst but liberty in Christ is the best promise any man can live.


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9th Sep 2011 (#)

very interesting......keep it up =)

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9th Sep 2011 (#)

thank you :)

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