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Stop living through your children, let them be kids and enjoy their childhood! They already grow up FAR too fast. Stop wasting hours of their lives with hot curlers and mascara. Let them be free to make mud pies, pick wild flowers and anything else that will free their little minds!

Dear Pageant Moms,

OK, I understand that little girls can be very cute, when dressed up like little dolls,
but it can also get real ugly when they are tired and cranky! Watching these selfish mother's prepare their daughter's for these ridiculous pageants, is downright disgusting. I'm not sure what enjoyment they get out of hopping their toddlers up on sugar and sending them out on stage in skimpy little outfits!

Between the screaming, the crying and the Diva attitudes !! I don't understand how these mother's are getting any enjoyment out of it, at all!! I would want to throw myself in front of bus after about half an hour!!! (And I worked in childcare for 12 years, had a hand in raising over 300 children) These over weight mother's trying to live their dream through their two year old daughters should be ashamed of themselves!! When I was growing up, my mother would have never let me leave the house dressed in many of those outfits. She definitely wouldn’t have encouraged it!! (never mind the fact my father's head might have exploded)

I have watched many episodes of this "Toddler's In Tiara’s". Has anybody ever noticed that the sashes and the tiaras are always grossly over sized?? Seems to be just big enough for a few of those tubby mother's to wear around the house,while their little beauty queens are in school!!! The pageants are "for the kids" so why aren't the crowns and sashes they win child sized!! Wouldn’t it make sense to make them fitting to a child’s head & body, so they can truly feel how good it feels to wear that crown, they have worked so hard for! Instead of it falling all side ways, and poking them in the eye!!
No, the reason they are not made to fit the little Diva's, is because they are not actually for the children, they are for their mother's!!Seriously, It is quite clear!!

So here are my thoughts to you, pageant mom's

Lose a few pounds, do your own hair and make up and parade you selves around for all to see!! Let somebody tug and pull you in 5 different directions. Ripping and pulling your hair out by the roots, poking you in the eye with mascara & eye shadow brushes, while feeding you all the chocolate covered coffee beans you can eat!! Put yourself in your sweet little girls shoes for just a minute. Although it may seem that they are enjoying it for the minute. The pain & torture of these little girls in preparation almost seems like torture!! They are only little girls, let them be such, Please!!!


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author avatar peachpurple
13th Aug 2015 (#)

Kids should be in the limelight at childhood days

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author avatar Retired
13th Aug 2015 (#)

Fortunately, this is one extraordinary American custom that has been very slow to catch on over here in the UK!

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author avatar D in The Darling
26th Aug 2015 (#)

Nice. I'll be back for more!

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