Dealing with Pregnancy: Keep Your Baby and Yourself Healthy

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Being able to give birth to a new being is miraculous, but the process itself isn’t that wondrous. The first pregnancy can be quite overwhelming, especially if you didn’t plan it. You should look at it as if it were a new challenge, and be smart with whatever comes your way. It’s very important to take it slow and learn during the whole process, so you can easily avoid all negativity and unnecessary panic.

Avoid Any Kind of Stress & Anxiety

The minute you find out you’re pregnant, you need to distance yourself from every bad habit and all stress sources in your life, because your priorities are changed now, and your well-being should come second. Find a way to let everyone in your life know you need to put a stress-impenetrable barrier, and that you need to focus on the new life growing inside of you.

Read, Learn & Apply

If this is your first pregnancy, it’s very important to additionally educate yourself and learn every detail that may come handy during the next nine months. Try your best to tone down your daily obligations and responsibilities to a minimum, and use that free time to read. Be careful about the selection you make when it comes to books and online resources, and make sure you check and double check every piece of info you receive. After and only after you have affirmed the legitimacy of those tips and pieces of advice, you should apply them. However, you should have in mind that each pregnancy is unique, and the fact that some tips helped another woman with her troubles doesn’t mean that they’ll be equally helpful when it comes to your difficulties.

Deal with Your Emotions

Most of the time, you won’t even know what you feel. You’ll be happy and worried at the same time which is obviously overwhelming. The important thing is not to keep your emotions inside – express them in whichever way you find suitable. But before you do, try to analyze them first and determine their source, so you don’t turn out to be irrational.

Put Your Trust into a Team of Professionals

We already mentioned that each pregnancy is unique, and each woman requires special care. Unfortunately, the complications that may occur are also completely individual, so every precaution that comes to your mind needs to be taken. Before you put your trust into a particular doctor, be very through when you do your research about them, and don’t forget to ask around and find out what kind of experience the previous patients have. Some pregnancies are more sensitive than others, and they require an extremely gentle, highly educated and experienced team of professionals, because they need to be your support every step of the way.

Eat Healthy & Take Long Walks

One of your priorities needs to be your nutrition. If you don’t really have a habit to eat regularly and eat healthy, it’s absolutely necessary to adopt those habits now. Do your research and find out which foods you need to intake, but the best idea would be to consult a professional and let them prescribe you a diet. In the meantime, you can check out this website – there’s a lot of insightful tips you’ll definitely find useful. Also, remember to walk and move – if you have been exercising, you should feel free to continue, and just lower the difficulty of your exercises as you grow. If not, find a way to be active – long walks on daily basis will do the trick.

React Quickly but Don't Panic

Whenever you feel insecure about what’s going on, it’s recommended to act quickly. As it happens, the first pregnancy will bring a lot of unfamiliar sensations in your body, so you’ll probably be alarmed about the smallest detail until you get used to everything. No matter if it’s a false alarm or not, ask your doctor every question that pops into your mind and don’t hesitate from calling them whenever you’re confused or scared.

Do Your Best to Enjoy It

Find a way to always have in mind how miraculous this process is. Sure, you will feel nauseous, frightened and weird at times, but remember that you have a life growing inside of you, and nothing else will really matter.

Take things slow, try to stay open-minded during those nine months, and don’t hesitate from asking for help. I hope my suggestions will help you to deal with your pregnancy, and I would really like to hear about your experience.


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28th May 2015 (#)

I think pregnant women develop some beauty. My neighbor, when she was carrying her second child, I saw her everyday, she had some glow. I did not have guts to ask her to take her pictures. I was also scared that if I took pictures and anything happened to her child, I would be blamed. But had I she would have realized how beautiful is. :) She is a bit on darker side as far as complexion goes, but beautiful nevertheless.

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