Days That I Hate the Most as a Mom

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These are days that I wish never existed in the year although I used to love them before I had my child.

Holidays and Weekends

Most people love holidays. They can’t wait for the weekend to arrive while the festive season Christmas and New Year is everyone’s favorite. To me is a whole different story. I dread weekends, and the long holidays make me lose weight.

Being a mom of a two year old son, things are not the same when we’re both home full time. For him things change from his daily routine; wake up, go to school, get back home, play a little bit, eat and sleep.

I have a feeling he’s becoming accustomed to the routine hence he might be finding it boring so whenever there’s a change of schedule, he gets all excited.

When it’s a weekend or a public holiday and we’re both home, he becomes my bodyguard and goes with me everywhere I go including my office, shopping, visiting friends, bank, the salon and many other places he never gets to visit. This excites him very much but for me it means the extra trouble of carrying his play things, a change of clothes while still having my usual laptop bag and handbag.

There is the trouble of worrying about his nap time since he has, many times, fell asleep while on the road to my office and I have had to find a way for him to sleep at the office, which is by itself another story.

Lunch and snacks are also a nightmare while away from home especially when he’s always so picky on what he eats or drinks, surely I can’t bring the whole fridge to the office.

I wish there were daycare centers that stay open during the weekend and holidays too, it’d have made my life so much easier. I could drop my child there on weekends or public holidays; even for a half day and I would gladly pay twice the fees what the normal daycare centers would have charged.


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I always wanted to write and now I am putting it in action. I love children and puts so much time parenting, so most of my writing is from my experiences as a mother, and mostly as a woman

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Mar 2013 (#)

I am a mother of a seven year old and I love being a mother. Never spent a day away from my child till the age of four.
Even now, I just had one of the best vacations with my child and honestly it was rejuvenating and refreshing.
Itss all about choicesand attitudes, sorry but not liking time with your two year because you llose weight is heights.
I am 56 kgs and down from an 82 kg person and if parenting gave me this, I would say hats off as it brought me back into being a perfect 10 model again despite a child.
My child has taken me to see what he does and like wise he has accompanied me to work, dance classes and everywhere and with minimal hassle.
Fact, I love being a mother and I am a single mum too although I have a long distance relatioship father aka husband.
If you dislike parenting and find it frustrating ask your relatives to help you in taking care of your child fr your attitude will spoil the personality developmeent of the child who is still lerning the ways of the world and your attitude would give rise too a discontented, nervous, ill-mannered child who will not listen to anybody. Just an advice from one mum to another.
Please don't have any more kids with your attitude.
Sorry but the title got my attention and I am now livid...

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author avatar Abbie King
14th Mar 2013 (#)

Hello Lady Aiyanna,
Maybe I came accross to you as a mother who doesn't want to spend time at all with the child. I do. I simply wish I had time to do things that normally wouldn't be easy to do when he's around. Like work, shopping, banking etc. I do not have relatives around to ask for help that is why I rely on daycare centres to help out for the few hour that I need to accomplish my tasks before I can sit down with him. Of course he has my full attention when he's back from school as I by then have finished my other tasks. What happens on long holidays is that my work does not necessarily give me leave so I am expected to work and then you can imagine managing work (even if it's from home) with a child home full time, and living alone

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author avatar Retired
14th Mar 2013 (#)

yes, being a mom is perhaps the hardest task in the world and that is why mothers are the respected people in the world!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Mar 2013 (#)

My son was born years after my marriage. I took a job that did not make many demands on my time and never on weekends. Of course, I got stuck at middle level in the corporate ladder but of my own volition. My wife did not take up full time job either. I feel enriched and happy that I chose such a lifestyle. Life is full of compromises and I never regretted the choices I made. Bit do understand your predicament, Abbie - siva

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author avatar Bex8814
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Your office, daily tasks, salons etc will all be there decades down the line - your 2 year old won't, enjoy it while it lasts. As children grow they don't want to be by your side, aren't interested in following you through your daily routine - these are precious days, don't see your child as a chore, one day your child won't be there but your chores will - treasure the days, they're really such a short time in your life.

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author avatar Rose*
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Perhaps get the grandparents to babysit just so you can have a break and time to yourself

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