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Why some women want to be the Other Woman by dating married men


I had written an article which explained why women pursued married men in my local newspaper. The article received a lot of attention. It was the antithesis of How Not To Date Married Men.

In the latter article I tried to warn women to be on the alert so that they didn't find themselves the Other Woman.

My friend, Danny, who had read both articles decided to test my hypothesis.

The Modus Operandi

Danny got a cheap wedding band, rode across town to a bar he vaguely knew, slipped the ring on his finger and entered. He ordered a beer and sat by himself, looking like a man sitting by himself.

Up came a 'chick' who looked ready for action. She asked him to buy her a drink. Looking up at her with sad puppy eyes Danny said;

"Baby, I'd buy you the world, but my wife takes every cent before I see it. I can barely afford this beer."

Lo and behold said 'chick' sits down, orders a drink for herself and another beer for Danny.

Another chick comes up. The two females exchange words and Danny is sure he has died and gone to heaven to be reincarnated as Mr. Irresistable.

As Time Goes By

Danny wound up with a fleet of chicks, all of whom paid room and board. He had so much sex he was in fear of a part of his anatomy dropping off, (if it didn't go on strike first).

He came to see me and had to shut off his cell phone because his harem was calling him every minute on the minute. He looked no better today than he had in his ringless days.

Danny hadn't believed what I had posted in the paper could be anywhere near accurate. Until now. Now, that he had become the human sacrifice.

What I had written

There is a large number of women who have inferiority complexes the size of Mt. Everest. They 'know' they aren't as good as the women they see, and that no man would ever love them or marry them, not unless they had money or power or a VISA.

How they get to this point can take various paths, but they KNOW they are Trash.

The only way they can feel equal to another woman, a woman who was loved and desired enough that a man would marry her, is to have an affair with a married man. This would make them equal to the wife.

Every deliberate 'Other Woman' goes after a married man not because of how he looks or what he has, they are in competition with the wife. It is the wife they are focused on. 'Taking' a man from his wife proves to her tiny ego that she is worthy to live.

Kiddie Dates

When a girl is very young, unsure if she's pretty or sexy or desirable, she will go after the boyfriends of her friends to see if she is equal. Sure, she may lose her friends, but she has proven to herself that she's at least adequate.

This may be in primary school, long before dating and sex. This may be in middle school when the girl is just becoming a woman. It is not quite harmless but a 'score card' where a girl compares herself to her peers and is found equal.

This should end by High School, for the feelings of others are not to be stepped on.
A normal woman doesn't need constant proof she is just as good as her peers. Further, it will make her very very unpopular if she continues to prey on the friends of her friends, for soon she will have no friends.

Then there is the Pathology

When a woman is an adult, to go after a man she 'knows' is married, such as the 'Chicks' in Danny's tale of woe, indicates a serious sociopathy. It is not that Danny was flirting or buying drinks or on the look out. All interaction, as I described, came from the females.

Having never been popular in his life, Danny was not prepared for the tsunami of interest he got by putting that ring on his finger to signify he was 'taken'. That females would flock him, pay his bills, came from a very dark place within them.

To have sex with Danny meant they were 'taking him away' from another woman. Meant that they had 'beaten' the wife, as he preferred them to the Wife. This elevated their sense of themselves.

If it were otherwise

If Danny was rich, women would pursue him even if he had two heads. If he were powerful, he would be irresistable. If he were unbelievably handsome and sexy and all that, there would be no question as to why women were attracted.

But Danny made it clear he had no money. Danny made it clear he was oppressed by his wife. Danny didn't look all that great. So his attraction was limited to that band on his left hand.

Danny isn't the only one.

Al was divorced by his wife years ago. Yet, he continues to tell people that he is married and points to his Ex. He will even do things to annoy his Ex so that she will speak to him, and he will pretend that she is angry about his 'cheating' when she is actually asking him to move his car or to stop entering her yard to pick the tomatoes.

When his 'girlfriends' find out he isn't married anymore, that his 'Wife' divorced him a dozen years ago, then drop him. They drop him because he is single.

Pathetic and Know It

When an actual married man gets involved with Other Women it is not for anything other than sex.

Maybe it is the kind of sex he wouldn't ask from his wife. Maybe it is the kind of slackness a man wouldn't perform in public with a woman he respects. But because he's entering middle age and needs to prove he still 'has it' he'll find the trashiest girl he can to play with.

When the wife discovers the affair, he gets on his knees, tears streaming down his face, begging her not to leave him, promising everything he can.

When he dumps the Other Woman, proving her original thesis that she is not as good as the wife, she goes ballistic. The Other Woman is not fighting over him, she is fighting to regain her sense of worth.

How to get her to drop him?

In cases of adultery where the wife suggests the Other Woman is taking out her garbage, the Other Woman flees.

Just as women who go after a married man thinking he has money will be on the first train out of there when they find out he doesn't, or having mistaken him for some powerful chap depart when learning he is nobody, the Other Woman with the inferiority complex doesn't not gain anything when she takes a man whose wife doesn't want him.

It is not, it never was the man. It was the Wife she was after.

When the wife refuses to play, the Other Woman wins no more than the thief grabbing a bag out of the trash can.


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