Daily Routines We Don't Realize

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As hard as I have tried to adjust my daughter to not having a routine to allow things to be done at the spur of the moment I have found that we have a routine we never realized.


Mornings are far different than they used to be. Memories of days past are creeping in and I wonder how I managed back then. There were days when it felt as if I'd never get to sleep again, staying up all night to meet deadlines was common so mornings were tiresome.

Now I attempt to get up at five though five thirty is what I usually achieve these days. During the week I get my little girl up and we go through the typically childhood routine of her attempting to drag out sleep until the last minute. After she has caught the bus I'll open my computer, and check my emails.

Infrequent Routine
I go everywhere on foot since selling a vehicle I shouldn't have purchased in the first place. When it comes time to get the supplies for the house I leave as soon as the bus does, unless I am going to the Dollar Tree (it opens later than the other stores).

I break the trips up into multiple trips over time. The goal is to make sure that I only buy what I can carry in my hands while staying in a budget so that our money lasts all month long.

I typically eat breakfast when I get home, which sometimes proves to be a bad idea. It occasionally causes me to go over budget.

Daylight Hours

School Days
Once my errands are completed on foot I put everything away then open my computer and write while I clean house. I make a schedule of sorts in order to remind myself of appointments, and things I have to do during the day. The idea is to get as much done as possible while my little girl is gone.

I would schedule all of my appointments for days when my little girl is in school because I have to use transportation services that do not allow her to ride with me. I'll be attempting to make the two of us appointments back to back when she is out of school so that we can ride together.

The housekeeping is done while I take breaks, after school and on weekends. That is until time for inspection when I spend days doing nothing but cleaning house in order to pass.

Laundry is done either first thing in the morning, before lunch or after the baby has gotten ready for bed so that I can find a place to hang them to dry.


I typically cook enough that there are leftovers. It's just the two of us at mealtimes so even the smallest amounts of food end up with leftovers. This means that I cook once and we both eat at least twice, leaving me meals for the days when she is at school.

I have started buying snacks for between meals so that she is not doing without and I'm not having to cook multiple times a day. I recently gave into the urge to keep a few microwavable meals in the house so that when I get sick meals are easier. She is self sufficient enough to work a microwave, and can manage to heat leftovers for herself when I am to sick, or exhausted to do so.


We have a routine, it even involves some recreation but we don't make it feel like a routine now that we aren't going to an appointment every day of the week.

I am looking forward to summer already so that our routine can involve taking additional time to get places. I am hoping to have a way to get us around by then so that my little girl can go back to enjoying the things that she used to before I gave into buying a lemon which I had to sell because the repair costs was far to high.


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