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The articles is about most popular tastes of 21st century in their daily life...

Most popular Ice Cream Flavours

Every one loves the creamy,delicious and 'coolest' desert in the world!There are several flavours available today in the market and some of them happen to be more popular than the others.



The most popular Ice cream flavour is vanila.The flavour of vanila comes from a plant called vanilla planifolia.It mainly found Madagascar Island.The flavour has gained popularity of its amazing taste.And it can be being mixed with any knd of ice cream.


The choclate ice creams happen to be next one in priority .The reason is again its taste and the way it can be mixed with nuts made in to syrups mixed with deserts and ice creams


Another popular flavour.The reason for its popularity is the freshness of the fruits transferred to the icecrems.and the sweet and sour taste

Most popular sport

Sports has been gradually more regulated and organised since ancient Olympics.There are several sports and games fascinating people around the world.Some of the regional games which are not recognized in other places and some slightly more,and some which are either played or seen by almost every person



Also known as soccer is the most popular game having the largest fan club of 3.5billion people and 208 member nations.The champions league and the English premier league are famous football leagues with FIFA world cup the biggest and most worthwhile sporting even awaited by the world


Standing second in order and the British game and most widely played in the Indian sub continent.it is controlled by ICC and 104 member nations and 10 test playing countries.ICC world cup is 2nd Biggest sporting event


National sport of India and Pakistan.In Olympics its a major event.IHF has more than 100 member nations.


It is more popular in rich nations.The main tournaments are the french open,Australian open,US open and Wimbledon.

Most popular choclates

Choclate basically comes from the seeds of the caco plant which are found in South America's tropical rain forest .Considered as a sign of romance, love and friendship.and also used as gifts during different occasions such as Christmas,Valentine's day and so on


1.Cabury's Dairy Milk

Yummiest and the most favourite mouth watering choclate.


It has several layers of cream filled wafer layered with smooth milk choclate

3.Terry's choclate orange

it was intially sold only in UK ,however currently available all over the world

4.Galaxy Minstrels

Galaxy is one of most popular one.It has creamy milk choclate in a crisp shell.

5.Lindor's Milk Choclate Truffle

6.Milka choclate

Orginating in Austria .it has found all most every country in the world

Most used Letters

You may not have tought while u saying or writing anything,,do u know the most used letter in the English alphabet...ITS 'e'!Though its most used the letter which most words begins is the letter t followed by letter 'o'.letter 'e' appeares third in most words,where 'h' is the most common second letter.As a word beginner 'e' stands in 15th position

Most used Passwords

One of the major security tool available is passwords.They are usally set,such that they can easily be rememberd.Following list of passwords frequently used by users



it formed the most common password fullfling the minimum length criteria


'password itself is second common password popular amoung internet users.


one more common passord used all over,its series of alphabetical keys on upper left corner of key board.



Most used language


its offical language of china spoken by 1052million people


it is spoken by nearly 508million people



spoken by around 490million people manily spoken in indian sub continent


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