D N A What is it and Why You Need to Have it Done

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When a child is born overseas the United States wants to know its parentage to make sure it qualifies for citizenship and benefits. When it has been checked the child gets their U. S. Passport and their United States birth certificate.and are then a citizen.

Getting your child certified

D N A - What is it and Why You Need to have it done 10/25/2012

Testing for D N A is necessary for a lot of different reasons, one of them being to determine your ancestry, if you have the right information and know how to go about it, you can trace your ancestor back several generations. Why you would want to do that I don’t know, unless maybe it was to get an inheritance or something of that nature.

The other thing is to prove or disprove parentage of a child for government benefits, such as Social Security benefits for a child. For adoptions, it can a be used to test for hereditary diseases and defects that might arise, by doing the dna test the lab can find these early enough, to possibly cure of at least stop the spread of whatever it is.
This is my experience of what happen when I was told to get my daughter and I tested. The American Embassy in Manila, and I think all embassies use the same procedure when they have you get tested.
I was told to get the list of AABB labs in the United States, then pick a lab of my choice. I did, and I was to order a D N A kit sent to the embassy in my name, which I did, the was cost $700.00 . Paid in advance no matter how it comes out they have their money.

Traveling to get the test.

Then when we are notified the kit is at the Embassy we call for an appointment to take the samples. Now St Luke’s Hospital sends a team to the embassy to take blood from Ashley and I, once it is taken it is then put into a special pouch and sent directly to the AABB lab, I had picked the one in Carson City, Nevada.

This going for the test sounds simple, but not really, when you live 800 miles from Manila. We got up and took the 6 am plane to Manila took a taxi and arrived at the American Embassy at 8am, we got admitted and then had to wait for the team from St Luke’s to come take the samples. After they took the samples we took a taxi back to the airport waited 2 hours for our plane to take us back to Cebu. We had no other business to do in Manila so we just waited and watched people.

Now Ashley is a U S citizen and entitled to all the benefits of being an American.

At this point we are applying for her mothers’ immigrant visa and expect to go to Idaho next June, frankly I am anxious to go home. I am tired of the inconveniences of living here. So if any one says to go have the test do it , it is worth it in my opinion


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