Cyberbully: Understanding the Victims

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If your love one or someone you know is a victim of cyberbully, help him out and hear his problems. Do not leave the victim alone. Stop cyberbully from spreading.

What is Cyberbully

A bully and a cyberbully are alike, a person who likes to pick on someone else physically, verbally and technically.

Nowadays, cyberbully is an unhealthy trend that young teens and adults had misused technology devices to hurt the victims intentionally.

We need to identify who are the victims and understand why they are being bullied by the cyberbullies.

What are the technology devices used?

  • Cell phones/ smartphones

  • Computers

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • SMS -through cellphones,

  • chat sites (wechat,Viber, Kakao Talk, Line),

  • Social media sites such websites ( Facebook, , Twitter, etc )

Example of cyberbully acts

  1. Simply by writing or text rude, sarcastic messages or emails to spread malicious rumors about the victim.

  2. Uploading unseen videos of the victims to the world to watch online.

  3. Uploading embarrassing photos of the victim.

  4. Editing or creating fake profiles to damage his reputation and name

Who are the victims

  • Kids

  • Teens

  • Young adults

  • The weak students who do not know how to defend himself

So, where can the victims hide?

They have nowhere to hide.

School age kids and teens who are usually the common easily targeted victims of Cyberbully.

They can’t dig a hole and bury their heads like the ostrich.

In the end, these victims are being bullied by their tormentors for months or years without any resistance.

Cyberbully happens anytime, anywhere where the victims did not realized they had been targeted by the bullies.

In the last few years, Cyberbully cases had been on the rise where people are increasing using Social Media apps such as Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to get connected with the whole world.

Majority of the victims tried to hide themselves at home, from meeting the people they know and even keeping mum the truth from their family members.

Students often skip classes to avoid meeting their classmates, teachers, friends from asking questions, spat by them, being insulted without mercy and being laughed at behind their backs.

Some even became paranoid when meeting strangers. Hence, the victims locked themselves at home.

Young adults idle at home, quit their full-time job, avoid from meeting clients and colleagues.

Nevertheless, they could not hide themselves from the Internet world.

You can escape physically but not virtually.

For the helpless victims, there is nowhere for them to hide.

The cyberbully continues his random cyber bullying tasks over chat sites, SMS, Facebook or Instagram like a wild bush fire.

The more the victim hides, the more the bully guy enjoyed himself as nobody is able to stop him from doing so.

The worst scenario is when the victim had to face with strangers and people whom he/she knows with insulting words and humiliation without straightening out what is the actual story behind the cyber bully.

Bad effects of cyber bully

  • Sometimes, the students form up a group to bully the victim which leaves him into desperate measure to suicide in order to stop all the nonsense or maybe he can’t stand the physical bully.

  • Long term cyber bully will lead negative thoughts for the victims, such as depression, severe anxiety, stress and insomnia.

  • Thereto, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, aggressive mood and low self esteem started to develop at a fast pace.

What is the victims fear of?

Victims of cyber bully are often afraid to reveal the truth to parents, close friends or teachers because they fear that :

  • would be laughed at

  • scolded or reprimanded

  • cellphone and laptop taken away

  • Internet disconnected

  • to speak out with the “possible” cyber bully person involved

How to help the victims of cyber

Hence, if your kids or friends are being cyber bullied online, help them to come out from the shell.

Do not leave them alone to face the shame because “It is no point to cry over split milk”.

Now, it is the time to solve the problem , not hide away from the truth.

Parents should open up their mind and help the child. Do not leave him alone for he is lost.

Do share with me your opinion.

Do you have similar cyber bully problem ?
Besides banning the cyber bully person, what else can you do?
I would love to hear from you.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
18th Jul 2015 (#)

A bully either in real life or virtual world understands only one thing- his own language. The victim instead of wallowing in selfpity should stand up and give it back to the bully in his own coin. If someone tries to bully me, I 'll let him have it in full measure.

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author avatar peachpurple
19th Jul 2015 (#)

I salute you sir, yes give him back hat he did

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author avatar Helen Thomas
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article ~ peachpurple. This is a huge problem in society today.

Unfortunately ~ seemingly many ~ maybe even most of the victims are much smaller and often very shy ~ and would not dare try to defend themselves physically.

Often ~ I'm told ~ the teachers and school officials are unable or unwilling to help the victims.

Thanks for sharing.


Reply to this comment

author avatar peachpurple
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

thanks helen, when the kids aren't talking, how could the teachers help them?

Reply to this comment

author avatar Helen Thomas
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

In some of the overcrowded schools in large metropolitan areas, the teachers see it with their own eyes.

It appears that some of the teachers ~ understandably so ~ when the proper support system is not in place ~ are afraid of the bullies too.

Having been a teacher for a short while after I first left college, I now endeavor to see both sides of the controversy.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Nov 2015 (#)

THis is really terrible and really happens in real life

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author avatar Dugald 28
8th Feb 2017 (#)

I have been dealing with this problem for 5 years now .And i really do feel that authorities could do far more to insure the publics safety.It just seems that not enough is done to help the problem . Great write

Reply to this comment

author avatar Dugald 28
9th Feb 2017 (#)

I have to also state that yes when the people put into the place of authority that are there to help people are afraid of them as well . im not sure where this leaves us as a minority in the public .

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author avatar Erica philip
9th Oct 2017 (#)


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