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The Crimson Tide plays great ball for its fans. But, there was a Crimson Tide 2000 years ago that is for all people.

January 2010 -- Nuggets of Faith

Before I ever left Ramstein Air Base, Germany to move to Fort McClellan, AL, I was told by many college football enthusiasts that I had a decision to make. They expressed to me that I should decide whether I would root for the Alabama Crimson Tide or that other B-rate football team on the other side of the state. My choice was influenced the day I preached at a church in Baumholder, Germany. Between the morning service and the evening service, I hung out at the parsonage. The pastor had a room that was absolutely covered in Alabama Crimson Tide décor. I began to research the Alabama vs Auburn rivalry and discovered that the famed coach Bear Bryant had actually been at Texas A&M before he moved to Tuscaloosa, AL to take the head coach job. The choice was clear. Since Texas had provided Alabama arguably its best coach ever, I would root for the Crimson Tide.
After moving to Alabama, I met Bob McLeod who had written a gospel song titled Crimson Tide. It’s a masterful song that explores the near worship of college football. The lyrics speak of how people will pray for a miracle on the gridiron field late in the 4th quarter. And, then the song transitions to speaking of another crimson tide. For on a hill outside of Jerusalem, a carpenter was hemorrhaging to death centuries ago. His crimson colored blood was flowing from wounds in his hands and feet as he hung on an old rugged piece of wood. Although Jesus probably only had 5 quarts of blood in his body, the impact of His blood flowing out of those soldier induced wounds has been felt for 2,000 years.
The University of Alabama football team will have winning and losing seasons. That Crimson Tide will certainly ebb and flow in the win/loss column. This year I am torn as the Texas Longhorns I have rooted for since childhood play the Alabama team I have grown to admire during the last 15 years. At the end of the game, due to my mixed allegiances I will be happy regardless of the outcome. For those that dislike both teams, I could stand toe to toe with you and argue why you should root for both of these teams. However, in the end it is just a game involving a weirdly shaped object. Whether the Crimson Tide rolls in over Texas or whether the Tide gets hooked by the Horns, the game is very insignificant to eternity.
But, another crimson tide victory was achieved when Jesus died on that cross near Jerusalem. That Crimson Tide that dripped from Jesus Christ’s veins can give you salvation, peace and a joy that can’t be adequately described. You owe it to yourself to become a fan of the crimson tide that flowed from a rocky hillside near Jerusalem. It didn’t involve a football, jerseys or tailgate parties. But, it involved a carpenter, some Roman soldiers and a curious crowd gathered around the fringes. On that day, God loved you so much that Jesus Christ died for you personally. On that day we term Good Friday, all evil was unleashed on Jesus Christ in an attempt to destroy Him. However, the evil plan wasn’t effective. For when Jesus breathed his last breath and died on that crucial Friday, he gave you the power to become a child of the Most High. When He died for you, He gave you life. Never have 5 quarts of blood done so much to give life. For on that Good Friday, you received an offer I hope you don’t refuse. You received the gift of life through a crimson tide of redemption.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
12th Sep 2011 (#)

Very powerful, thanks Tony...

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author avatar Zach3000
13th Sep 2011 (#)

I would've never guessed. I am an Alabama fan too. Live in Huntsville, AL.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
13th Oct 2011 (#)

I don't understand American Football at all (British football is what I know!) but I DO understand the moral of this article. Well done - and thank you for following me. You gonna write a comment or two on my pieces ??? Please?

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