Creative and Unique Ways to Apply your Spouse

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In this article, I will give some advice for you, ways to apply your lover, in a nice way, and memorable. Creating a date that is not forgotten and others.

Marry your Girlfriend

When you decide to marry your girlfriend, how do you do it? Have you prepared, with this big decision? Apply for your girlfriend, is something that may be difficult to do, precisely phrased. Much can be done to make application, ranging from the most ordinary way, to unique and creative ways. All done, to give the impression of depth, for the woman you love

In this article, I will give some advice for you, ways to apply your lover, in a nice way, and memorable.

1) Creating a date that is not forgotten.
This is the best way to make application to your lover. Maybe this is common you do. But for this time, make a date that is a little different from usual. Give the little surprises streak (or maybe a big surprise, according to your ability). And, in the end, lead to a speech application to your lover, in the most special place, according to you.

2) Plan a special place for the event of an application.
As long as you are dating, maybe a lot of favorite places, for you and your partner. Places to eat, places to watch, where you kissed for the first time, and probably many other places. However, choose one of the most special place for you and your partner. Prepare the sweet words, as an accompaniment speech application. Everything you need to prepare well and detail. Decor well where you will do a cover. Need not be expensive or fancy, but able to make your partner impressed and touched.

3) Choose a place in the restaurant.
How and where this may be a classic. However, I feel able memorable for your partner. Choose a restaurant that you think is best for you and your partner. If the fund has a large, choose a restaurant that luxury and have a satisfactory service. I think, almost 90% of women in the outside world, will be very pleased with this treatment. However, if your funds are not sufficient, meaning, creativity this time you are charged. Choose a restaurant that is clean, have sufficient privacy, and has a romantic atmosphere. All this is done for the sake of the most decisive day in your life.

4) Use the puzzle.
Provide a puzzle, almost the same as to surprise your partner. However, in this case, your partner is also invited to think, what the purpose of all this. At the time understand it, you can bet, if your spouse smile, a positive signal for you, to directly express such applications. However, if your partner looks grim, think wisely. There are two possibilities that can be guessed, your application fails, or perhaps, your partner, deliberately pretend to be, so that makes your anxiety added

You need to remember, all that you are doing this, for the sake of your happiness, and your spouse well. Hopefully the contents of this article, a bit much, is able to provide an overview to you, how to apply for your spouse, in a creative and memorable.


I want to marry you!

My love!
I would like to ask you to marry in this evening
when I called you
then, smiling at each other brazing promise

My love!
I want to ask you to marry, in this sunny morning
current calendar, back torn, replace the day
at the time the sun climbed the crown
warm nourish the bone marrow

My love!
Do not reject the proposal from me
despite the sour taste

Having tired of waiting, longing spread, throughout the joint, loneliness
this is the time I apply for you, my love
Make you the most beautiful wife, in the grandest palaces
Reward you my heart that will never change.
Give you a stack of love that will never be eroded
Give children, who would lead us, in times of old.
Give dreams and hope, waiting to materialize.

My love, or my future wife!
This, there is a sprig of a rose branch,
sorry, I had no rose.
I want us to keep it, grow it, to be a clump of flowers, the most beautiful in history.
You water it, and I had been illuminated, until it blooms glow.
My love, I'm tired of being your love, I want to be your husband!


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Well all I needed the first time was the husband stopping in the middle of the road midst all traffic and asking me Will You marry me and refusing to move till I said yes. It worked.

Yep, Its India too.

Now he has a girlfriend after leaving the wife and child, her pet name is whore, btw, I got asked by someone would I ever fall in love again and get married??? My answer was not on your life as I am already married but if I were to marry again or fall in love again, it will be the One of Soul and no other and only if one Above permits. They got the hint and the know what I mean...

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