Cost Of Parenting

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Parenting is a responsibility, understand parenting and its duties and learn how to become a better parent.

Cost Of Parenting

Back in 2007 on 5th march I heard a story on radio which I would like to share here. The story is about the cost of parenting. There was a man who wanted to know how much it costed he father to raise him up. So he went to his father and asked, “Dad how much did it cost you to raise me up?” In response his father laughed and walked away without answering the question. After some time he went back to his father and asked the same question, then the father asked him back “are you sure you want to know how much it costed me to bring you up?” the son answered “ yes” then the father just laughed and walked away without answering the question. After some day the son was having a meeting with his friend. Then his father went outside and smired himself with mud and went inside the house. He went to the kitchen from the kitchen he went to the bedroom then went to the sitting room where his son was having a meeting with his friends, he was shouting and making loud noise. The son was irritated and mad at his father. He rushed to his mother asked what was wrong with his father. His father screamed saying “ I want you to know how much it costed me to raise you up” from what his father did he realized that the cost of parenting is too high that he can’t pay back as he thought. Many people don’t appreciate parents because they don’t realize much it costed their parents to raise them up. Parenting is a huge task with a lot of responsibilities. From the story let’s show what it imply to raise or educate children for God.
1. Raising up children for God implies realizing, heartfelt conviction that they are his property. He commits them for a time to our care, merely for the purpose of education.
2. It also implies to cordially and solemnly dedicate or surrender them to him to be his forever.
3. Thirdly it implies that we must do all that we do for them from right motives. It is not good enough just do things, but even the motive for the action has to be good.
4. Lastly but definitely not the least, it imply that we must educate them for his service.
In order to qualify yourself for raising up children in the right way, you must diligently study God’s word to ascertain what he requires of them and frequently pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, both for them and yourself.


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