Coping With Inability to Sleep In Pregnancy

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What to do if you can't get to sleep when pregnant

Pregnancy Insomnia

Most pregnant women suffer from insomnia at some point in their pregnancy. Some of it is down to the baby pressing on the bladder which means you have to go to the bathroom frequently at night. Some of it is down to backache, again from carrying the weight of the baby. Finally some of it is down to stress, anxiety and simply because your bed isn’t really built to accommodate a person with your pregnant shape.

Expectant women can’t really take any meds to help with the insomnia, so what should you do if you have trouble sleeping during pregnancy?

1. Make sure the room temperature in your bedroom is at the right level to sleep. We tend to sleep better when the room is cool, so if you are pregnant during the summer months, you may have particular difficulty sleeping. It might be an idea to get a portable air conditioning unit for your bedroom, or install a ceiling fan to help cool the room.

2. Take time to relax before you go to sleep. Have a long soothing bath or shower to relax your body. Get your spouse to rub your back and tummy gently. It should calm both you and the baby.

3. Milk based drinks usually help people get sleepy – try ovaltine, chocolate options or other malt based night-time drinks.

4. Refresh your bedsheets frequently so that you are sleeping on cool fresh linen. Make sure the mattress is turned regularly so that it hasn’t developed any depressions or dips and can support your weight as you sleep.

5. Try getting a body pillow to help you sleep. They come in various shapes and sizes. The best ones seem to be the C shaped maternity pillows that go around your body, allowing you to tuck the end of the pillow in-between your knees. This moves the pelvic bones slightly apart relieving pressure on the hips and pelvis. You can also get more expensive pillows that go right around your body when you sleep.

Above all don’t get distressed if you are not sleeping a full night through. As long as you manage to snatch short naps throughout the day, you should get sufficient rest so that you are not harming yourself or your baby.


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