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Conversation seems to be a lost art with iinternet, texting and other forms of conversation that often do not seem to help us keep in touch as we should.


As a young girl growing up out on the farm we would have our meals together at the table. The television was turned off, there was no telephone calls made at that time, there was no computer or texting. We would sit around the table talking and eating as a family. After supper and things were cleaned up we would take baths, finish homework and sit in front of the television as a family to watch general television shows. If anyone said a cuss word or showed too much of their body the channel was changed or turned off.
We had conversations with our extended family and friends either on the telephone, at church or at school. The conversations consisted of people actually having a face to face conversation without any interruptions. People did not yell at another person to tell them to stop talking as people do today. People knew how to listen which is part of being in a conversation. Sometimes when a person starts to speak and they have only said a few words, the other person will jump right in and say they know exactly what the person is going to say. This can be very irritating and almost makes a person feel that they should not say anything at all.
Then there are the people who take over the conversation and will not allow anybody else to take part in the conversation. There are several reasons for this, they may feel that what they have to say is more important then what anybody else has to say. Some people just like to hear the sound of their own voice and then those same people who are talking so much get mad at the people who are not speaking and do not even realize that they are the root of the problem.
There are also people who will not say a word and will keep to themselves and will just listen to what is being said by other people. These silent people get noticed immediately and are asked why they are not talking. It is almost like it is a crime that they are not speaking, but people get mad when somebody talks too much, so what is a person to do?
I guess it depends on what each person is comfortable doing. For myself it depends on who is around me and if I feel comfortable talking. If I am around people I am not familiar with I will not say much. I think the biggest problem that people have in a conversation is listening and respecting what another person is say. We need to put down the texting, internet email and actually talk with a person face to face, give them a hug, shake their hand and bring back conversation to a more personal atmosphere.


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