Communication between Parents and Children

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Communication is an art. Talking to children is an exquisite art.

Effective Communication between Parents and kids

It is easier to be said than to be done, that open communication is important in all relations. Effective communication escorts a close relationship between parents and children. Many adults know about it, but find the challenges when it comes to talking to their kids. If starting young, children feel comfortable to communicate with their parents, then, chances are that they grow closer to their folks with a more well-rounded personality. There are keys that parents can keep in mind when trying to create a habit of effective communication with their children.

Be a good listener. It’s only logical that if wanting your kids to open up to you, you need to show them you are willing to be there to listen. Give your children undivided attention when your kids come to you. Try not to interrupt what they have to say, for interruption can stop the speaker’s train of thought, and is frustrating. Stop whatever you are doing at the moment when your kids come to you. If can’t, remember to reschedule the time to hear what’s in their minds. While communicating with children, give eye contact, and come down to the kids’ level. By doing it, you are setting an example to respect others, and showing your interest in hearing your kids out.

Mind what you say. When talking to children, we need to use right language, and be careful of what to say and how to say it. Language like “No yelling or shouting” works better than “It’s not acceptable to yell or shout” in giving command to a young toddler. Also, try to use more open-ended questions, like the ones started with “What”. “How”, or “Why”, if wanted to engage an elementary school goer in telling how he or she feels. Close-ended questions, mostly following by giving “Yes”, or “No” answers, normally easily end a conversation.

Conduct two-way communication. You need to express your own feelings and ideas when talking to your children. By knowing what you think and how you feel, children are given the expectations to live up on. However, to avoid being verbally judgmental, parents must also learn and practice on the subject.

If equipped with a learning attitude, you can become a great parent who is surrounded by children with willingness to share every moment of their lives with you. And you will also feel a lot happier too, for there is always someone in your family who wants to understand you as you grow older.


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16th Apr 2014 (#)

Interesting post and very fact filled one too, cheers!

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16th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks for the comment! :)

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12th Jun 2014 (#)

great tips

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