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These essays are commentaries on various sections of Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Genesis (introduction)

Genesis describes the creation of Earth, its inhabitants, and our solar system. It does not specifically mention, but it does imply, an incredible, unique, and significant aspect of creation we all too often miss: God's invention of time/space.

God dwells in eternity. He always has and always will. At one point, time/space did not exist; there was only the eternal. Before the Earth and our solar system could be created, God had to bring time and space into existence. There was a "beginning", which is a time-oriented term. "Beginning" has no meaning in eternity where everything must "happen" or "coexist" simultaneously. Eternity is the unending "is", which is why God told Moses His name is "I AM" (Exodus 3:14). God always "is"!

We tend to miss the significance of the creation of time and space because we think we understand eternity, but by definition it is impossible for human minds to understand more than the most basic concept of what eternity is. In the same way that we can never truly understand God and the nature of God, we can never truly understand eternity.

If we did, we would better appreciate the creation of time/space. Time and space are as foreign a concept to denizens of eternity as eternity is to us. Our very vocabulary is rooted in time and space: "beginning", "end", "here", "there", "someday", "later", "before", etc. When we pass on to eternity, much of our language will have to be replaced in order to make sense in a dimension where time has no meaning.

To better understand Genesis as a book of "beginnings", we must start with God's creation of a new dimension, time and space, that even allows us to have a concept of what a "beginning" is.


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