Comments Not to Make to a New Mom

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Unless you are the new mom, keep these comments to yourself.

You need to get back in shape

First I need to get back to my normal foods, normal sleep routine, normal hormones, normal job, normal worries. And that’s a minimum 3 years if I’m lucky and if I haven’t had baby number 2 by then. So forgive me if I don’t sign up for the gym ASAP!

You need to sleep more/can’t you make the baby stop crying at night?

Of course he cries, a lot. He’s a baby, crying is his language and I am fine with the amount of sleep that I get now. Yes I need to sleep more, and so does the baby need to feed, change diapers, soothed when crying at night, the list is long. If my dark circles under the eyes bore you, buy me some designer tinted glasses.

I don’t know if I could do it

To know if you can have a child, you have to do it and not keep wondering. Your mom did, I did (hell even some spoilt Singers do) and we’re neither angels nor robots. You can do it, maybe you just won’t do it.

Why don’t you get a nanny?

Don’t you think I know about that? If I don’t have one, there’s probably a very good reason why I don’t.

Time for another child

Why? Are you my family planner? How can you determine that I need more babies and tell me that the time has come? Seriously, I worry if I'll be able to give this one proper care and you worry that one child is not enough, for me! If you really love children I'm sure you can have more of your own.

You’ve been ignoring me, we should go out sometimes

I sure hope “we” means the 3 of us: you, me and my baby. And I hope “out” doesn’t mean the pub. By the way I never ignored you, I just never had enough spare time to fit you in my schedules, sorry.

Wow your boobs are full, is there any way not to make so much milk?

Yes I have full breasts and I’m proud of it. It means more food for my child you moron! And I won’t stop it. In case you can’t stand the sight, stand behind me.


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
10th Feb 2013 (#)

It is amazing how crudely insensitive people can be when they speak out of their own need to say something - rather than to address the other person's need to hear something.

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author avatar Abbie King
12th Feb 2013 (#)

When I had my baby I was amazed at how people I called friends could make such weird comments. I most of the times were speechless or was left trying to defend myself so hard

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author avatar Rose*
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Some people can be really rude and insensitive, can't they?

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