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I think that most of us enjoy visits from our loved ones. It makes us feel special when someone comes to see us, it means that they care about us.

What to do?

What if no-one ever comes to see us? I reckon the best thing we could do is to go see them.. Most folks have heard the saying " If you want a friend, be one." I think the same would apply here; if you want a visitor go visit someone. That doesn't necessarily mean that some will come to see you but its highly possible. We have been told in the Bible that whatever we do for others will be done for us.

The Needy

One of the most precious jobs I have ever had was with the County Health Department. Being a Home Health Personal Care Aide was very rewarding. People that couldn't do things alone depended on me for help. I still have a dear friend that I met while attending her needs. I still go to visit her and she always makes me feel very special.

I have been Needy

I didn't realize just how needy I used to be until I had someone in my life that behaved as if they couldn't live without me. In my neediness I was very demanding. I expected so much from someone and there was no way on this earth without Jesus that they could have given what I wanted. I didn't realize what I was doing. I am reminded so often of the words Jesus prayed on the cross that day. " Father forgive them they know not what they do." I'm so glad Jesus forgave me and now I can forgive others that I have been hurt by.

He Came to See Me

Jesus came. He saw. He still went to the cross for us.While Jesus walked on this earth, He saw just how selfish that we are. With cursing Peter denied that He knew Jesus. Martha complained about Mary and how she had to do everything all by herself. Judas betrayed Jesus and led the Roman soldiers right to Him. How selfish have we been in our lifetimes? I would say very selfish. From the time we leave the womb we are crying to get what we want and we want it now! I'm so glad that Jesus didn't let our natural ways defer Him from the plan that His Father had for him and for us. The plan to give us Mercy and Grace through Jesus. Now we don't have to be ashamed to go see Him. We can boldly go and tell Him all about ourselves.After all it is no secret to Him how we are or have been. And because of Him we can become better people. We don't have to stay the same. So if you do not know Jesus don't be afraid to come see Him. He will not turn you away. As a matter of fact He stands at the door to your heart and he is knocking. He is waiting for you to open yourself up to Him and let Him in.


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author avatar Hope Roberts
5th Feb 2014 (#)

Thanks for your encouraging world.
He loves us unconditionally.

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author avatar PJ Sliger
6th Feb 2014 (#)

Ur welcome Hope....I love names that remind me of our Jesus.

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