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Drinking a glass of fruit/vegetable juice daily is important to have a healthy life. You can find packaged juices available in the supermarkets for daily consumption, but these are not considered healthy. Instead, homemade juice extracted from a cold pressed juicer machine is what you should prefer; that’s because it can help in maintaining the natural taste and nutritional value of the produce.

Why do you need a Cold Pressed Juicer at your Home?

Fruit and vegetable juices taste delicious and have a good amount of nutritional value in them. Juice extracted from fruits and vegetables are rich with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, all of which is necessary for the body to have a healthy life. Having a glass of fresh homemade juice daily is the perfect way to add these key nutrients into your diet.

But what type of juicer machine to use? Well, rather than going for conventional juicers, extract the juice using a cold pressed juicer as such juicers have a low squeezing technique, which helps retain the nutrients and fibres in the extracted juices.

What is a cold pressed juicer?

These are juicers use a hydraulic press to gently squeeze out the juice and therefore, are popularly known as cold pressed juicers. The juice is extracted by first crushing the fruits and vegetables & then pressing them to yield maximum juice. Unlike a conventional juicer, this advanced juicer does not use blenders or blades to extract juice, and thus it helps retains all the essential nutrients and enzymes in the process. Extracting juice through such juicers would also keep the natural taste of the juice intact, and preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in it.

In fact, juice extracted by this modern juicer machine contains up to 5 times more nutrients than the juice extracted by the traditional blenders. The juice extracted through this process also minimizes oxidation and therefore can be stored for at least 3 days if bottled and sealed properly. Cold pressed juicers follow low speed squeezing technique that not only ensures retention of maximum nutrition but the natural taste as well. Having a glass of fresh juice extracted from this juicer is the best thing you can do to improve your overall health and vitality.

Listed below are few benefits of having a glass of cold-pressed juice every day:

1. Promotes weight loss
Drinking fruit/vegetable juice on a regular basis can help you reduce excess body weight. It can also keep your stomach full while providing sufficient energy to your body as well.

2. Body detoxification
Years of eating unhealthy food can weaken your digestive system. In this regard, drinking fresh juice extracted from a cold pressed juicer everyday can help detoxify your body. This can also help in nourishing as well as ridding your body of toxins.

3. Provide extra energy
Drinking fruit/vegetable juice daily can provide you extra energy. Juices generally contain a lot of nutrients that further help in strengthening the body’s resistance, thereby providing extra energy.

Thus, if you want to keep pace in every day’s work, and get your body running in full swing, solution good step towards achieving that is consuming healthy, freshly prepared juice. Make sure to use cold pressed juicer to extract fruit/vegetable juice. Such juicers do not produce much heat while processing the juice and thus keep the nutrients and fibre content intact within the juice.


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