Christians Share The Blame

Phil Jellerson By Phil Jellerson, 17th Jul 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Can it be denied that America is experiencing a steep spiritual decline. Who is to blame? This article declares that whatever the blame Christians share in that blame.

From Righteousness To Unrighteousness

Most Christians know this spiritual truth: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 Yet many Christians continue to vote for ungodly and unworthy politicians to rule America.

America was fashioned by generally righteous people. This righteousness prevailed for a while before not-so-righteous people sprang up among them corrupting the spiritual culture. This undermining of the righteous way by ungodly forces has immersed America in the darkness of unrighteousness where "the wicked beareth rule.” Consequently our people are mourning.

It is my feeling that America entered inescapable darkness in the year 1973 when the Supreme Court sanctioned the hideous act of wanton abortion. Women now usurp God by deeming it their right to abort (murder) children in the womb. The Bible teaches that the womb is the domain of God and that which comes from it is God's possession but our gift. Psalm 127:3

Since 1973 America continues to suffocate herself with spiritual darkness. The Bible and prayer have been largely banned from schools. Posting of the Ten Commandments in schools, court houses and public areas have been outlawed. Parents’ God-given rights are claimed by the government because they deem children as wards of the State. Hillary Clinton has stated that it requires a village to raise our children - the village being government.

Adding further the detestable acts of homosexuality and lesbianism which our government shamelessly sanctions. Add again the gross act of “gay” marriage which is destroying traditional marriage and reconstructing God's design of a family. (see Genesis 4:1) Whereas a family has been universally defined as being a man, his wife and their children now it is a hodgepodge of sexuality.

America is engulfed by spiritual darkness because “the wicked rule.” How did America’s liberal and anti-God government come into power? They were elected or voted into power by the people - INCLUDING CHRISTIANS. How many Christians do you suppose voted for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who lead America’s march into spiritual oblivion?

Can it not be rightly concluded that Christians who voted for our liberal leaders must bear a share of the blame for America’s spiritual darkness? Isn’t it very possible that some of our wicked rulers were put there by the Christian vote? I think so. Why do Christians vote for such characters? I see that as being neither a good American or a faithful Christian. Neither is one un-American or unchristian by refusing to vote for undeserving candidates.

My Plea is that every spirit filled Christian understand that they are not advancing Christ or country by voting for political aspirants who demonstrate unethical and immoral values. Just perhaps some political candidates would change their will and ways knowing they forfeit support from the Christian community.

Will you join me in exercising spiritual discernment in voting for political candidates. I believe Christians are the key to America's future welfare by our voting discipline.

Thank you for reading and may GOD BLESS YOU.


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