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Selecting a best Catholic high school for a child requires a lot of research. This decision affects the future of a child who will face the world after getting all the knowledge from the school. Various key factors need to be pondered over before making the right choice.

Here's the Reason:

High school education is the path which a child treads on for his future. Choosing the best Catholic high school becomes a responsibility which parents like to fulfil without any mistake. There is no going back in this case once a decision about the right choice has been made.

Education should not be just academic, but it should be in mind, body and spirit as well. A good Catholic high school strives to develop the young kids into good citizens and responsible Samaritans of the society.

So to look for a best Catholic high school in Queens, or anywhere else in the USA or the world, few things have been identified to ascertain the right choice and make it easy.

Types of courses offered & Accessibility

It is very important to know what courses are offered by the school. The high school should have advanced placement courses along with the traditional regular academic courses. There should always have a variety of courses such as fine arts, music, culture, religion, foreign language and specific interest such as drama, theatre, etc. to allow the students to choose from.

Faculty strength

The quality of education depends on the quality of faculty. High schools having experienced teachers can provide good education thereby creating larger opportunities and great leaders. A good teacher-student ratio is also important as good ratio means better attention towards each student.


It is very important to know about the cost involved when making the right choice is concerned. Affordability is a big issue since one must be able to fulfil the financial needs before making a decision. The high schools having scholarship options are better choices for a larger part of fees can be waived off if a child earns a scholarship based on its credentials.

Technology friendly

In today’s technology-driven world, a high school must strive towards spreading technological awareness. It should teach children the best use of devices and avoid inappropriate use of them. The school should have smart board technology to make studying easy.

In many of the best Catholic high school in Queens and elsewhere in the US, I-pads are issued to kids to help them use technology for education. They can use the internet to obtain wide knowledge on any topic. These modernization techniques in any school make them a smart choice for a child.

Extra Curriculum

A good high school must have good extra curriculum activities. Activities such as sports are an integral part of a student’s life. There should be good coaches for different sports. Various club activities must be there to let children join their specific interests and mingle with like-minded students. It will help them share their thoughts and excel in their interests.

A decision should always be long term. It should always be taken based on feedback from other people. An active Alumni of any high school, with honoured names in its list, also helps to determine whether the school is a right choice or not. Use these tips and find the best Catholic high school in Queens or elsewhere in NYC.


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