Choosing The Sex of Your Baby

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From the part of the world I come from, a male child is highly sought after. A family can not truly be said to be fulfilled without having at least 'man' in the house.

Six Steps to Actualise Your Dream of a Baby Boy.

Choosing the sex of a baby to many especially from the part of the world I come from would sound like a fairy tale. In fact in the more traditional African society, you’ll be regarded as a crank for floating such an idea. It is believed that the sex of a baby is a preserve of the gods and man is expected to accept whatever the gods gives. So, right from the time a woman conceives, prayers are often rendered, sacrifices made for a particular sex of a baby to be born especially a male, because, an average African family is seen as incomplete without a male child. And in most cases, the outcome is always the opposite, leaving a lot of families highly unfulfilled and broken hearted.

Thanks to science, it is now possible to choose the sex of your baby. The only thing needed is the correct application of knowledge to actualize your dreams. Gone are the days we lived and operated on blind faith and the days women were seen as the problem for giving birth to mainly baby girls and vice versa.

The topic; “Choosing the sex of your baby,” was borne out of personal experience. And I want to share this knowledge with people who may be suffering in silence. Ab initio, as a product of that milieu mentioned above, I have to be honest that, I dreaded the thought of producing just one set of sex, be it male or female. I have always dreamed of a blend, and how to deal with that became an issue. However, after my first child, a baby girl, naturally, i wanted the next to be a male. Though i wasn't disturbed in the real sense, but then, I won't say that, it was not a concern. In any case, what i call a way out came along, during a normal discussions with a friend who truly talked me into trying out the method he used in actualizing his dreams. Since, I had nothing to loose, did not have to pay for it, I said well, i will try it and i did. The result was amazing, the baby boy came and I was happy I gave it a trial.

So, the message for those who have given up hope, and resign to fate, those who feign happiness outwardly, but are inwardly much unfulfilled, I say to them, there is hope, and it takes nothing than applying rigidly the principles as spelt out in the “6 steps to actualize your dreams,” as anchored on the findings of two illustrious gentlemen ; David M. Rorvik and Landum B. Shettles, popularly referred to as the “Shettles Method.

However, it is very pertinent to understand here that a man is responsible for the sex of a baby and not the woman. The sperm contains XY chromosomes, while the egg contains XX chromosomes. If the Y chromosome sperm {which produces boys} is the first to fertilize the female egg, the outcome is a baby boy. And if in the other hand, the X chromosome is the first to fertilize the egg, the outcome is a baby girl. Determining the sex of your baby therefore depends on a set of conditions outlined below;

The Six Steps to Actualize Your Dreams

1. Sexual intercourse should be timed as close to the moment of ovulation as possible. Timing here is important. The Y chromosomes sperm is lighter and swims faster than the more dense and sluggish X chromosomes. So, timing intercourse to the moment of ovulation provides a greater opportunity of producing a male baby.
2. Sexual Intercourse should be preceded immediately after each occasion with a baking soda douche consisting of two tablespoonful of baking soda, and half liter of water. The solution should be allowed 15 minutes to completely dissolve before use.
3. Female orgasm might not be necessary but desirable as it helps to improve the secretion of necessary hormones that create the alkaline conditions in the vagina and facilitates the movement of the Y chromosomes sperm.
4. Deep penetration at the moment of male orgasm is required to ensure the deposition of the sperm close to the cervix.
5. Vagina penetration from the rear is highly recommended.
6. Total abstinence from sexual intercourse from the beginning of the monthly cycle till the day of ovulation is highly necessary especially for the man to ensure maximum sperm count, a factor favoring the Y chromosomes.

Note; there are no half measures to this, as i said earlier, it requires a rigid application of the steps outlined above to succeed.


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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
Uranta Emmanuel is a social worker, a counselor, and presently works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja, Nigeria.

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author avatar LOVERME
5th Oct 2011 (#)

I can't post any poems and i am so glad i could get my views across to you for the first time after a long time

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author avatar strawberrychoco
5th Oct 2011 (#)

I guess this is somewhat not controlled. God is still the one who knows if we are going to have a boy or a girl right, but anyway thanks for sharing

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author avatar juny
6th Oct 2011 (#)

Scientifically, there is a connection, but still no one can control everything.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
8th Oct 2011 (#)

I don't like to think about nature being exploited. And, anyway, what's wrong with a family having girls? Girls are just as good as boys in this day and age, surely.
This article has given me such a lot of food for thought. Thank you, my friend.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
8th Oct 2011 (#)

I do believe that ideas should not be shredded without actually trying them out, all the same, thank you all for your comments.

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author avatar Shashi Mehta
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Good Article ! I work in a youth organization called National Cadet Corps in India. Tell me something about the organization you are working with.

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
21st Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks for reading. We call ours National Youth Service Corps. It was created primarily for young university/polytechnic's graduates to serve their country for one year. Normally, before they are posted to various organisations including schools to do their primary assignments, they are gathered in various camps throughout the country for 21 days orientation programme where they are prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them deal with situations when they are eventually sent out into the field.

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author avatar shoesus49
22nd Sep 2013 (#)


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