Choosing The Right Sleeping Pillow

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For the convenience of beds, pillows and bolsters ordinary objects that must be present in the bedroom. Variety of pillow types, typically distinguished fillers and shape.

Choosing The Right Sleeping Pillow

Stuffing materials commonly encountered are cotton, foam, dacron, blanket or latex. Each type of filler cushion has its own characteristics and impact on health.

Cotton :
The filler cushion that has been known for a long time, but it is rarely used now, filler is white and feels slippery when held. The disadvantage of cotton is easily overcome by the dust, which can damage the health. One to mitigate this impact, cushion must often dried.

Foam :
This pillow filler material like a sponge and is a synthetic material used is known as filler cushion after cotton. One disadvantage is hot when in use.

Memory Foam :
Made of foam-like material called polyurethane. Pillow with memory foam filler takes a long time to get back into shape. This material absorbs sweat so comfortable when used.

Dacron :
Dacron fiber made ​​of plastic with a very fine size. When used as a filler cushion, filled with dacron folded manner. The pillows are filled with a dacron folded, will cushion the surface feels smooth to the touch, this cushion with dacron good quality content. Heavier dacron pillow would be better for the long run will dacron cushion deflated.

Feathers :
Kingdom in Europe already use as a filler feather pillows since time immemorial. The weakness of the left is often a place to live dust mites and so not suitable for those who suffer from allergies. The advantage is softness. The more fluff is used, the better the quality. Conversely, if the outer feather is more widely used, the pillow becomes less good because it feels rough. Feather pillows are sold at a price that is quite expensive.

Latex :
Latex is made from the sap of rubber. There are 2 types of latex, natural latex that is more than 80% is made from the sap of rubber and synthetic latex which over 80% is made from synthetic materials. The surface tougher latex pillow from the pillow dacron and flat. Latex pillow suitable for people who have problems with the neck and spine bones. Latex is also free of mites making it suitable for common allergies.

It feels uncomfortable to sleep when not using a pillow. In addition to convenience, it is important to choose a healthy cushion. Because the wrong pillow can cause aches so instead of feeling refreshed after waking up, otherwise neck pain. Yes, the pillow can be a loyal friend while sleeping.


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author avatar Bets
10th Oct 2012 (#)

The latex pillow type, sounds like it would be the best one for me. Outside of a few lack of punctuations for better clarification, your outstanding article sizes it all up for me and is very informative. Will be back later for more reads. Take care.
Smiles, Bets :)

PS. " Cotton :
The filler cushion that has been known for a long time, but it is rarely used now, filler is white and feels slippery when held."

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author avatar Bets
10th Oct 2012 (#)

Also, there were more commas than what was really needed.

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