Chinese Birth Chart Gender Prediction

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Is it possible to plan baby gender before the conception? How to predict baby gender from the first days of your pregnancy? Chinese Birth Chart is an easy and fast Gender Prediction tool that you can use right now.

Chinese Birth Chart Gender Prediction

Some parents are very willing to pay a lot just to identify the gender of their baby before it is born. When you get to identify the sex of unborn baby you can easily prepare the needs of the baby. You will know what to buy according to the sex of the baby. But, what about those people who cannot afford for a doctor to identify the sex of their unborn baby. They will not have the advantage of knowing the sex of their unborn baby because they cannot afford so. There is always a solution for this problem, the so-called Chinese Birth Chart Gender Prediction.

This Chinese Pregnancy Calendar will give the parents who cannot afford a doctor to identify the sex of their unborn baby the opportunity to predict the gender of their baby. This method is completely free as it is always offered by numerous sites in the Internet nowadays. It is also completely safe, there have been no complications so far with the health of the pregnant mother. The main reason for this is because the method uses a certain chart which depends on what year in the Chinese lunar calendar got pregnant and in what month you conceived. You don’t have to undergo any medical examinations just to identify the sex of the unborn baby.

The Chinese Birth Gender Chart may not be proven scientifically but its results are always almost correct. It’s because there are only two choices so the percentage will become 50-50. But, there would also be no implications that can be done to you when you use this method because it is free and completely safety. All it needs for you to follow some important rules before you can use it. Many parents have already used this for hundreds of years already and many are continuing to do it so. It’s because it gives you fun and excitement which is an experience you can never forget.

Knowing the sex of the unborn baby is a great thing to have. The Chinese Birth Chart Gender Prediction can help you with that. There are a few methods of identifying the sex of the unborn baby and this chart is one of them. It is free, natural, and most important is it entirely safety. You can lay a plan in advance for the future of your unborn baby once you already know its sex. You can also buy the things that are needed by the baby such as clothes or toys according to its sex. There are many things that you can prepare in advance for your unborn baby. Try the Chinese Birth Chart and see for yourself what the sex of your baby is.


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author avatar philpalm
1st Jul 2013 (#)

My system of predicting the sex of a child is based on the law of yin yang. If you came from a family of all boys, then the first child has a strong possibility of being a girl.

Also I believe that God often decides which side needs help the male or the female side. If the female side needs help she often gets a girl.

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author avatar Ann Moroz
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Thank you, Philpalm, This definitely has sense.

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author avatar Amelie
16th Aug 2013 (#)

I used Chinese Birth Chart ( when I was pregnant to determine my baby gender and it was correct for me. I have a son. Now I'm trying to conceive a girl. Hope it will work as well.

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author avatar Prince
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

i want a baby boy, my last period is june 9, which day is my ovulation , age 16/4/1978

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