Childrens are Denied Playgrounds now

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Population is heating up in almost all parts of the world as this is also effecting children as they are facing shortage of playgrounds now. Children have to play more in their younger age to be physically active

Outdoor Games and Physical Exercise

Playing more of outdoor games will give children good physical exercise which they don't get it by playing indoor games like chess, carom etc. Many kids today are seen staying indoors and not for the purpose playing indoor games, but they get engaged in activities like watching TV, playing internet games, etc which is also bad for health. It is very worrying to see many kids are out of shape now and have health problems. I was lucky in this case as i had all the fun in my younger days when i used to run around the field with all my other friends and was most of the time engaged in playing outside those times. But now as the country is developing faster, we do see shortage of play grounds in many parts of developing countries. Though this is also a worrying factor, no one seems to have taken it seriously. Children do need playgrounds for their overall development and also the happiness part which they get by playing along with friends. When there is shortage of playgrounds, children are automatically confined in staying indoors to get engaged in other activities which does not help them in any ways. Being at home, even mothers will feed their children with delicious food all the time and over eating will be bad for children

Necessity of Play Grounds

When there is shortage of play grounds in any country, the respective governments has to see that children do get proper playgrounds top play around. If government is not aware of these things or does not take interest in developing a playground when there is a shortage, other concerned authorities have to interfere to make the government do take up these issues of developing a proper playground. If even the concerned authorities fail in handling these issues, then even public has to raise their voice to be heard by the government or go on protest in their own way to get the playgrounds developed in their area. Without rising their voice, nothing seems to work these days as people have to protest for their demands and only then concerned authorities will do the need full which is really bad as these things are happening everywhere in the world and people are really troubled by such issues. It is high time now to undertake or address these issues concerning children or it will be bad in the years to come. Everyone has to encourage children to play more outside than inside a sit will help hem in long run to be physically fit. There are many children in this world who are physically unfit and also many obese children are real worrying factor now. When children are physically fit, they don't get that much health diseases as we are seeing now in almost everywhere
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author avatar WOGIAM
13th Mar 2015 (#)

I am a primary school tacher and have observed that children are denied of almost all of the simple and brilliant ammenities they need to allow them just be children and develop at their own pace. It is so sad.

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author avatar sarosh
14th Mar 2015 (#)

This is happening only in this new era and olden days were good

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